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'Trauma-informed' has become a buzzword in the counselling and psychotherapy arena and the wider worlds of health and social care research and practice. But what does it mean in relation to practitioners' day-to-day work with clients? Susan Dale argues that all therapeutic work should put the client's needs, not the therapeutic model, at the heart of the process. Here she describes how she shapes her own collaborative narrative approach to work with people who have experienced trauma, whether from childhood abuse and neglect, violence, combat or other circumstances. Drawing on the literature and the first-hand accounts of trauma-experienced co-researchers, Dale weaves a narrative that demonstrates trauma-informed practice and its impact in the real-life therapy room. She includes approaches that are not formally badged as 'trauma therapies' as well as recognised models such as EMDR to demonstrate how such an approach, applied collaboratively and with acute sensitivity to the needs of the individual client, can make a lasting difference to people striving to rebuild lives that have been shattered by trauma.

In this beautifully crafted and deeply moving book, Susan Dale helps the reader understand the harrowing and wide-ranging impacts of lived trauma experiences through the voices of her co-researchers. Ultimately, their stories of courage and resilience are a celebration of how people can recover from trauma and the diversity of therapeutic methods that can facilitate this. Highlighting that one size does not fit all, this is an essential read for all counsellors and psychotherapists.  Dr Mhairi Thurston, senior lecturer in counselling, Abertay University

There are some good books on trauma, but this is truly a great book on trauma that in the opening pages alone grabs your attention and, thereafter, takes you into Susan Dale's most wonderful, engaging and informative writing. It guides the way for collaboration and speaks to the power of storytelling and is absolutely a must-read.  Professor Andrew Reeves, Professor in Counselling Professions and Mental Health, University of Chester

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