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We want a better deal for everyone who seeks help for emotional distress – better understanding from practitioners and society in general, better responses and more choices from services and better outcomes from treatments. Our aim is that our publishing reflects these goals.

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First Steps in Counselling is essentially a book about helping and this fifth edition has been updated and revised with the help of two co-authors; Paula J Williams and Andy Rogers. It is for anyone thinking of becoming a counsellor, working or volunteering in a role that requires helping and listening skills, or simply caring for someone. It explains in clear language what counselling is, the theories on which it is based, how it works and how it is positioned in relation to contemporary debates about culture, politics, language, race and power.

This is not a ‘how to help’ manual; rather it is a questioning, curious, explorative and challenging companion. It aims to be your guide along whichever route you are taking, answer your questions and help you decide if you want to take your interest in counselling to the next steps. First Steps in Counselling remains the text of choice for students and tutors of introductory courses.

With contributions from Eugene Ellis, Igi/Lyndsey Moon and Clare Shaw.

'This is a must-have book for any aspiring or trainee counsellor. Let this book be your mentor and travelling companion from day one of your training. First Steps will introduce you to and guide you through the counselling profession, modalities and skills, and your professional and self-development. You, the reader, are the focus of this book, and your journey to becoming a qualified counsellor. This was the first counselling book I ever bought as an aspiring counsellor and it guided me. This new edition speaks to an evolving profession in acknowledging our cultural context and the inclusion of counsellors and clients from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The authors do not  shy away from the significant themes and controversies and the role of identity, race, culture, power and oppression in counselling practice and training. I just wish this edition had been around when I started my counselling training!'

Myira Khan, counsellor and supervisor, founder of the Muslim Counselling and Psychotherapist Network


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