• The CBT Companion: CBT-based models and worksheets for practitioners and clients

The CBT Companion: CBT-based models and worksheets for practitioners and clients

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This comprehensive workbook brings together in one handy volume a wealth of easy-to-apply CBT-based models and worksheets to help your clients move on. Maybe they’re stuck in a pattern of self-harmful beliefs and behaviours that is destroying their lives, work or relationships. Maybe they’re caught in a cycle of unhelpful responses to particular trigger situations and can’t find a way out. Sometimes our brain just needs to be given a simple set of steps to test out, see if they work, and if they do, substitute for the old, unproductive ways of being. This workbook is for counselling, psychology and mental health practitioners, but it can also be used independently by clients. Practitioners often talk about clients becoming their own therapists; these worksheets give them the tools they need to do so, with and without your help.


Chapter 1 – Formulations   
Chapter 2 – Goals and behavioural planning
Chapter 3 – Relaxation
Chapter 4 – Diary-keeping
Chapter 5 – Cognitive restructuring
Chapter 6 – Experiments
Chapter 7 – Interpersonal strategies
Chapter 8 – Relapse prevention

Futher Support and Resources
Thematic Guides
Blank worksheets

‘The CBT Companion collects together a wide-ranging number of models and worksheets and presents them in an informative and engaging manner, allowing any reader to learn the basic principles of CBT and implement the more complex formulations and interventions.’ Antonio Alemao, Senior CBT Therapist. IAPT

'This book is a comprehensive goldmine of material which will be of use to both clinicians, and those seeking to understand their emotional wellbeing just a little bit better. It is thorough, compassionate, and thoughtful - a wonderful addition to have on any bookshelf'. Rachael Orr, Senior CBT Supervisor and Course Tutor, Central & North West London (CNWL) & Royal Holloway

Benjamin Cook

Benjamin Cook is an author and practising cognitive behavioural therapist with the NHS. For the past several years he has been responsible for improving how services deliver self-guided CBT to the general public. This has involved improving access to treatment, advocating for digital therapy and working with the wider community towards reducing the stigma of mental health. Believing that therapeutic treatments need to take into account the social, economic and cultural realities of those they treat, he has constantly advocated for reflection and change on how therapy is conducted and what can be done to make therapy more inclusive. Born in the UK, he was educated at the University of St Andrews before beginning his career in East London. His practice emphasises empathy, compassion and self-realisation.

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