• The Rainbow Journal: For young people who self-injure

The Rainbow Journal: For young people who self-injure

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The Rainbow Journal has been created for young people who self-harm. The journal acknowledges different types of self harm as a way of coping with difficult feelings, and encourages the reader to use the journal as another alternative to help alleviate the pain and upset those feelings can cause. By encouraging creative outlets such as writing, drawing, poetry and letter writing, the journal may help develop less harmful coping mechanisms, and help the young person explore underlying problems.

Presented in a ring-bound, user-friendly format, the journal  includes samples of creative work by other young people who self-injure, leaving plenty of space for the journal user to have a go themselves. There is guidance on using the journal safely, helpful information and tips on how to self-care, and a section for useful phone numbers and websites.

is this journal for me? …
this Journal is for you if you are a young person and you somtimes hurt your own body. The most common way people hurt themselves is probably cutting. Ohter ways include burning, swallowing things, picking at skin.

how can I use this journal? …
we often hurt ourselves as a way of coping with painful and upsetting feelings. You can use this Journal as another way of coping with those feelings. You can also use to to explore other underlying problems.

First published in 2003 by Self Injury Support (previously Bristol Crisis Service for Women), this edition has been republished in association with PCCS Books.

If you are a you person who self-injures you can receive a free copy of the journal. Contact Self Injury Support at:

PO Box 3240
Helpline: 0808 800 8088
Text helpline: 0780 047 2908


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