Critical Psychology, Psychiatry and Mental Health Titles

STI Diagnosis

A Straight-Talking Introduction to Psychiatric Diagnosis

ISBN 978 1 906254 66 7 (2014)

Read 11 oustanding 5-star customer reviews on Amazon here Psychiatric diagnosis has become one of the most contested practices in mental health services today. Lucy Johnstone asks 'Do you still need your psychiatric diagnosis?' This book will help you to decide. A revolution is underway in mental health. If the authors…
Personal JCPCP

Journal of Critical Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy NO LONGER AVAILABLE

ISBN 1471 7646. No longer available for new subscriptions

  We are no longer selling subscriptions to JCPCP. The last issue 19(4) will come out in December this year. The Journal of Critical Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy (JCPCP) has something important to say about the dominant myths of psychiatry and psychology in these unenlightened times. The Editorial Board includes two…
Psychiatry and Mental Health

Psychiatry and Mental Health: a guide for counsellors and psychotherapists

ISBN 9781910919521 - pp 602.

Increasingly, counsellors and psychotherapists are working with people who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder and are required to understand and navigate the mental health system. Counselling training rarely covers the fields of psychiatry and mental health diagnoses in detail and there are few reliable resources on which they…
Inside Out, Outside In

Inside Out, Outside In: transforming mental health practices

ISBN 9781910919491

Human distress has historically been understood and responded to almost exclusively either as a biological disorder or a psychological deficit. This has led to the development of powerful structures, ‘mental health systems’, that have dominated thinking and practice around mental health and been controlled by the psychiatric profession.…
Questioning Psychology

Questioning Psychology: beyond theory and control

ISBN 9781910919484

What gets in the way of our understanding other people? So asks psychologist Brian Levitt in this challenging and deeply reflective book. Levitt writes with honesty and humility about the profession in which he has worked for 25 years and the people he has worked with. He questions the assumptions that…
The Work Cure

The Work Cure: critical essays on work and wellness

ISBN 9781910919439

This provocative collection of essays presents a powerful critique of contemporary discourse that portrays work – paid employment – as a moral imperative, essential for our health and well-being. The contributors describe the mental health impact of modern-day workplaces, with their precarity and constant managerial scrutiny. They throw light on…
Critical Mental Health Nursing: observations from the inside

Critical Mental Health Nursing: observations from the inside

ISBN 9781910919408

The argument that propels this emphatic book is that mental health nursing cannot continue to pin the blame for its own actions and failings on the psychiatric hierarchy. As the editors point out, mental health nursing is a degree-level qualification; it has achieved its ambition to be ‘a profession…