• The Contact Work Primer: An introduction to Pre-Therapy and the Work of Garry Prouty

The Contact Work Primer: An introduction to Pre-Therapy and the Work of Garry Prouty

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The Contact Work Primer brings the work of Garry Prouty and his associates to a general readership.
Covering both Pre-Therapy and contact work, this book is the first English-language publication to introduce the full range of applications, including individual counselling/psychotherapy, institutional psychiatric settings, work with special needs and learning disabilities, and dementia care.
For everyone, qualified and unqualified, who wants to be more effective in their work with contact-impaired clients. The most accessible introduction to this most important development in helping.

The new Counselling Primer series from PCCS Books, supplementary to the bestselling Steps in Counselling series, is suitable for both beginners and higher level students who want a succinct boost to their knowledge of a particular area. Beginners will find the style companionable and reassuring, while more advanced readers will appreciate the incisive and authoritative writing with pointers for further reading and resources. Trainers will find the series a dependable learning aid.

Counselling Primers bridge the gap between introductory, intermediate and diploma level courses, each book providing a concise overview of a particular counselling approach. Each Counselling Primer will be a perfect essay resource or a springboard for further study.


Foreword by Garry Prouty
1 In the beginning is psychological contact  Pete Sanders
2 Introducing Pre-Therapy  Pete Sanders
3 Understanding and doing Pre-Therapy and contact work  Pete Sanders
4 A carer’s experience of Pre-Therapy and contact work  Catherine Clarke
5 In and out of contact: therapy with people in the ‘grey-zone’  Lisbeth Sommerbeck
6 Contact work in a residential psychiatric setting  Dion Van Werde
7 Pre-Therapy, contact work and dementia care  Penny Dodds
8 Pre-Therapy and contact work for people with learning and other mental disabilities  Marlis Pörtner
9 Some considerations on learning and teaching Pre-Therapy contact reflections  Penny Dodds
10 Research into Pre-Therapy  Pete Sanders
11 The future for Pre-Therapy and contact work  Pete Sanders
Appendix resources for learning

‘Much more than a primer … this is a superb practical introduction to Pre-Therapy and contact work that will be of value to all mental health professionals working with contact-impaired individuals’
Mick Cooper Professor of Counselling, University of Roehampton

As a student counsellor this whole series is a must and this book in particular is a great addition to my library. Amazon reviewer, May 2013

Pete Sanders

Pete Sanders spent over 30 years practising as a counsellor, educator and clinical supervisor. He has written, co-written and edited numerous books, chapters and papers on many aspects of counselling, psychotherapy and mental health. He continues to have active interest in developing person-centred theory, the politics of counselling and psychotherapy, and the demedicalisation of distress. He has given keynote addresses at several UK and European conferences and also offers workshops in a few areas that continue to interest him. He is a pre-therapy/contact work trainer and trustee of the Soteria Network UK.  Follow Pete Sanders at http://twitter.com/@PeteSanders51

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Pete Sanders