• The Single-Session Counselling Primer: principles and practice

The Single-Session Counselling Primer: principles and practice

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This bestselling series presents unparalleled, comprehensive descriptions of key counselling approaches in the twenty-first century. Ideal for students requiring a theory bridge between introductory, intermediate and diploma courses or focused input for comparative essays and integrative theory assignments.

In The Single-Session Counselling Primer: principles and practice, Windy Dryden outlines the why, what and how of single-session counselling and the evidence that supports it. He makes a powerful case for its wider availability alongside other forms of therapy. Where it is appropriate, focused, agreed and there is the possibility of further sessions (if need dictates), it can massively increase access to talking therapies and enable clients to take their own steps to effect real change in their lives.


1 - What is single-session counselling?
2 - Why offer single-session counselling?
3 - When should single-session counselling be offered to clients?
4 - The goals of single-session counselling.
5 - Who is single-session counselling for?
6 - The principles of single-session counselling.
7 - When does single-session counselling thrive and when does it wither?
8 - Good practice and bad practice in single-session counselling.
9 - Disseminating information about single-session counselling.
10 - The process of single-session counselling.
11 - Helping clients prepare for and get the most from single-session counselling.
12 - What is covered in single-session counselling?
13 - What does a single session of counselling look like?
14 - Follow-up in single-session counselling.
15 - Counsellors' doubts, reservations and objections about single-session counselling.
16 - Is single-session counselling effective?

'Windy writes with passion, clarity, and warmth about the practice of single-session counselling. The book is eminently engaging and easy to follow... Highly recommended.' – Mick Cooper, Professor of Counselling Psychology, University of Roehampton.

'Succinctly and clearly written... this book makes a formidable contribution in laying out theoretical, philosophical and ethical parameters for single-session counselling This is a timely and perfectly-pitched roadmap.' – Dr Andrew Reeves, associate professor in the counselling professions and mental health.

'A great book that packs a lot in...This is an essential guide for anyone thinking of using SSC. If you see yourself as client-focused in your work, you need to read this.' – Paul Grantham, consultant clinical psychologist and professor of clinical psychology PSMedUniv

Windy Dryden

Windy Dryden is Professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies at Goldsmiths College. He has authored or edited 142 books and edited 13 book series on counselling. He is a keen supporter of Arsenal Football Club and lover of hip-hop music. He wishes he could play sax as good as Junior Walker and could sing as well as Craig David. His current professional interests lie in the area of using humour in counselling to promote client reflection, learning and change. He trained at Aston University in the same trainee cohort as Pete Sanders and is delighted to be a PCCS author.

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Windy Dryden