We genuinely welcome approaches from prospective authors and editors bringing their ideas and draft manuscripts.

But just so you don’t waste your time, energies and hopes, here are a few guidelines to what we publish and how best to present your ideas.

We publish textbooks:

  • about counselling, psychotherapy and critical psychology. By this we mean books for professionals/practitioners (including students/trainees), about the theory, training, development and practice of these professions.
  • primarily for psychological (including counselling, psychotherapy, coaching and mental health) students, practitioners, trainers, educationalists, researchers and academics, and also 
  • in the mental health field in particular, activists and antagonists of the psychiatric, diagnostic system.

We do not publish:

  • first-person memoirs and survivor stories.
  • fiction and poetry.

We suggest you look at the books we have already published, which you’ll find on our website, as this may help you decide if your book/proposal would meet our baseline criteria.

If you decide to send us your proposal, please contact us by email first and tell us briefly in your email:

  • the topic of your book or proposed book
  • who the proposed readership is
  • why they might want to read your book, and
  • a bit about you (essentially, what qualifies you to write it). 

Please write to me personally at the email address below.

If we think your proposal might fit with our list and we can reach your intended readership, we will send you a formal, detailed proposal form to take the approach to the next level. When we have received it and considered and discussed it, we may want to discuss it further with you to refine and clarify your ideas. If we decide this is not a book for us, we will give you our reasons and, if we can, suggest alternative routes to publication for you.

We would hope to do this within two months of receiving your formal proposal.

We look forward to hearing from you if you think we are the right publisher for you and your book.

Catherine Jackson
Commissioning editor