• The Pluralistic Therapy Primer - Publishing 08/07/21

The Pluralistic Therapy Primer - Publishing 08/07/21

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Pluralistic therapy offers an open, inquiring, flexible framework for client-centred practice. It was introduced in response to the schoolism that emerged from the growing numbers of competing schools and models of therapy in the early years of the 21st century. Built on the principles of pluralism, it promotes partnership and equality between client and practitioner, client-defined goals, and a willingness and flexibility in the therapist to adapt their ways of working and draw on a range of models and approaches to best suit the client’s needs and preferences. It values difference and promotes inclusivity and dialogue within the field. In this long-awaited book, Kate Smith and Ani de la Prida summarise the principles, underpinning philosophy and key features of the approach. They also consider the emerging research into pluralistic therapy and what it can look like in practice.

Introduction to the series

Preface - Mick Cooper

1. What is pluralistic therapy?

2. Key principles

3. Problems in living

4. The collaborative relationship

5. The process of pluralistic therapy

6. The process of change

7. Training, professional development and supervision

8. Common questions and answers

9. Research on pluralistic therapy

10. Case study

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Kate Smith

Kate Smith qualified as a pluralistic therapist in 2009 and currently heads the Division of Health Sciences at Abertay University, the original home of pluralistic therapy training. Kate obtained her first and master’s degrees at Cambridge University and went on to complete her doctoral research at the University of St Andrews on the links between autobiographical memory, life stories and mental health.  She is the author of numerous academic and practitioner publications on pluralism and mental health. She is a chartered psychologist, a founder member and chair of the Pluralistic Practitioner Network and co-chair of the International Conference on Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy. She maintains a small practice and supervises pluralistic practitioners and is on the board of governors of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Kate is the mother of two sons and lives in Scotland.

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Kate Smith

Ani de la Prida

Ani de la Prida is a psychotherapist, creative arts counsellor and supervisor. She has 20 years’ experience working with groups, adults, children and young people in a range of settings. She currently has a small private practice and is on the Executive Committee of the Private Practice division of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Ani is a lecturer and teaches on the pluralistic counselling programme at the University of East London, where she did her master’s degree research on the use of digital media in therapy. Ani is also the founder and course director of the Association for Person Centred Creative Arts. She is author of What Works in Counselling and Psychotherapy Relationships (BACP, 2020).

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Ani de la Prida