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'I love Asylum magazine. It helps me cope with my job and inspires me to work in a different way' - Mental Health Nurse

'Asylum has consistently provided a welcoming forum, sometimes the only one, where the voice of the survivor activist can find a fair hearing. It is, and has always been, an important resource for anyone interested in radically changing the mental health system.' - Peter Campbell, veteran survivor activist

'Makes any other mental health magazine look like Women's Weekly' - Dolly Sen, activist, artist, and author of DSM69

Asylum Magazine is published 4 times a year and is a forum for free and open debate about controversial issues in mental health and psychiatry. It is a place for the discussion of experience and ideas, and for campaigning for humane and democratic alternatives to traditional psychiatry.  As a not-for-profit publication which is independent of powerful lobby groups such as mental health organisations and drug companies, it is a place where mental health service-users, frontline workers, adademics and allies can express their views.

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Asylum is produced by Asylum Associates and the Asylum Collective. © Asylum Collective and Asylum Associates on behalf of authors. Asylum Associates is a not-for-profit workers’ cooperative. The Asylum Collective is open to anyone who wants to help produce and develop the magazine, working in a spirit of equality. Please contact us if you want to help in any way.

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