• Psychogeography and Psychotherapy: connecting pathways

Psychogeography and Psychotherapy: connecting pathways

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‘Identity is tied to place. The environment is not the backdrop; it is woven through our identity.’ So writes Chris Rose in her introduction to this insightful collection on the mutually enriching relationship between psychogeography and psychotherapy. The book invites an interdisciplinary, reflective and at times poetic exploration of place as an integral feature of personhood, from the sauntering of the 19th century flâneur to today’s urban activism. Chapters range across diverse topics – a gendered and embodied response to place and space, home and attachment, map-making, mindfulness in the city, outdoor group analytic therapy, the interplay between our internal and external landscapes, displacement from one country and cityscape to another, and the role of the urban therapist. These ground-breaking chapters offer new insights into our deep-rooted resonance with the landscapes we inhabit and contexts we construct. The book is illustrated throughout with original artwork by urban sketchers.

Chris Rose

1. Outside in and inside out: an embodied and gendered response to space and place
Diane Parker

2. Taking space
Jane Samuels

3. Room to breathe
Chris Powell

4. Mindfulness in the city: taking notice as therapeutic practice
Benedict Hoff and Richard Phillips

5. Feeling my way: on walking, embodiment and practising psychotherapy
Liz Bondi

6. Loitering, resisting and moving
Morag Rose

7. The theory and practice of urban therapy
Phil Wood

8. ‘Here’ is where I have a presence
Karen Izod

9. ‘Not in the air and not on earth’: on negotiating the states in between
Valentina Krajnović

10. Mapmaking
Chris Rose

Chris Rose

Chris Rose is a group psychotherapist, supervisor and consultant working in private practice and higher education. She has extensive experience in counselling and psychotherapy training and is also an urban sketcher and printmaker.

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