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This classic text, now in its third edition, is essential reading for those training and embarking on a career in counselling. From its origins in the work and research of Carl Rogers in the 1960s to today's world where myriad forms of counselling are on offer, the person-centred approach has resonated with the hearts, minds and experience of those looking to train as a counsellor. But it has not stood still, and in this book you will find descriptions of some of the many seedlings that have flourished from its root stock, fed by its core principles. The book's title speaks of tribes, and person-centred approaches inspire a fidelity and sense of identity. From classical client-centred therapy and focusing through to pluralism and creative play therapy with children and adults, this book maps a vibrant nation that continues to have much to offer counsellors and their clients. Leading proponents in their fields offer succinct and inspiring summaries of the roots, theories, principles, practice and research of their specialist approach, supported with suggestions for further reading and resources.

This is a magnificent book presenting a range of distinctive work and important developments within the person-centred nation. Mick Cooper has done a magnificent job in bringing together this stimulating, rich resource that is both scholarly and accessible with its theoretical insights, case examples of therapist key skills, suggested reading and further sources for exploration. It will be of enormous value to those in training and seasoned person-centred therapist alike. I also recommend it to therapists of all orientations as it is full of inspiration for contemporary therapeutic practice.

Divine Charura, Professor of Counselling Psychology, York St John University


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