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In today’s Western, industrialised society, ‘wild’ has come to mean dangerous, savage, crazy, out of control. This book celebrates wildness, both in global ecosystems and in the human psyche. Totton argues that embracing unpredictability and boundlessness is vital for our wellbeing and, in these times of environmental crisis, for the survival of humans and other-than-humans. Drawing on psychotherapy, philosophy, ecology, anthropology, futuristic fiction and much other literature, he shows the links between domesticated civilisation and the destruction of the innate balance of ecosystems – including human relationships and psyches. This second edition builds on the first to suggest what a wild civilisation might be like, and how psychotherapy could help create it.

"In Wild Therapy, Nick Totton shows how our own wild nature can recover when we drop down into the body and relax our control. This book is a fascinating journey through the history of our relationship with ‘the wild’ in both land and psyche. It also invites therapists to rewild their practice.'"  Mary-Jayne Rust, ecopsychotherapist


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