• The Psychodynamic Counselling Primer

The Psychodynamic Counselling Primer

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ISBN 978 1 898059 85 1 (2006)
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The new Counselling Primer series from PCCS Books, supplementary to the bestselling Steps in Counselling series, is suitable for both beginners and higher level students who want a succinct boost to their knowledge of a particular area. Beginners will find the style companionable and reassuring, while more advanced readers will appreciate the incisive and authoritative writing with pointers for further reading and resources. Trainers will find the series a dependable learning aid.

Counselling Primers bridge the gap between introductory, intermediate and diploma level courses, each book providing a concise overview of a particular counselling approach. Each Counselling Primer will be a perfect essay resource or a springboard for further study.

A series of 8 books including:
• Person-Centered  • Experiential  •Existential  •Intergrative  •Focusing-Oriented  •Psychodynamic •Contact Work

The Psychodynamic Counselling Primer by Mavis Klien is the second in the series, with essential information written in an approachable and encouraging style. This book presents an unparalleled, comprehensive introduction to psychodynamic counselling in the twenty-first century. For students requiring:

• comprehensive introductory text for initial psychodynamically-oriented training,
• input for comparative essays and therapeutic approaches on integrative courses,
• a theory bridge between introductory and certificate/diploma level texts.

Anyone requiring a concise, understandable yet authoritative guide to psychodynamic counselling theory and practice.



1. The origins of psychodynamic counselling
2. Basic assumptions
3. The structure and functions of the mind
4. Health and pathology
5. The development of personality and character
6. Latency, puberty, adolescence and beyond
7. Theories and therapies
8. Transactional analysis: Psychoanalysis made conscious
9. The process of therapy
10. A psychodynamic counselling transcript
11. Psychodynamic research and applications

Appendix: Resources for learning Glossary

How can anyone claim to provide a 'comprehensive' introduction to psychodynamic counselling in only 122 pages? Klein can. Her scope is wide-ranging. Beginning with a detailed description of traditional psychoanalysis, she moves on to post-Freudians providing a synopsis of how each theory differs from Freud's... Know someone who wants a simple, concise description of psychoanalysis or transactional analysis? Get them this book. Sharyn Smith, Educational Psychologist, 'The Psychologist'

Mavis Klein is a qualified and practicing psychotherapist and a transactional analyst in her work with senior managers in business.Hence this,though a slim volume,is a perfect summary and introduction to one of the many approaches that is the minefield of counselling approaches and theories.I found it very useful-concise,straight-forward and free of mind-bending jargon.Recommended. Amazon reviewer

Mavis Klein

Mavis Klein (1937– 2014) was a psychotherapist in private practice and consultant Transactional Analyst to senior managers in business and industry, and to health service practitioners, for over 30 years. The Psychodynamic Counselling Primer was her 7th book.

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Mavis Klein