• The Integrative Counselling Primer: An introduction to integrative counselling with a person-centred foundation

The Integrative Counselling Primer: An introduction to integrative counselling with a person-centred foundation

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The Counselling Primer series from PCCS Books, supplementary to the bestselling Steps in Counselling series, is suitable for both beginners and higher-level students who want a succinct boost to their knowledge of a particular area. Beginners will find the style companionable and reassuring, while more advanced readers will appreciate the incisive and authoritative writing with pointers for further reading and resources. Trainers will find the series a dependable learning aid.

Counselling Primers bridge the gap between introductory, intermediate and diploma-level courses, each book providing a concise overview of a particular counselling approach. Each Counselling Primer will be a perfect essay resource or a springboard for further study.

A series of 8 books including:
• Person-Centered  • Experiential  •Existential  •Intergrative  •Focusing-Oriented  •Psychodynamic •Contact Work

The Integrative Counselling Primer by Richard Worsley is the third in the series, with essential information written in an approachable and encouraging style. This book presents an unparalleled, comprehensive introduction to integrative counselling with a person-centred foundation. Worsley presents the principled application of the non-formulaic use of self and experience in the service of the client. Students requiring:

• comprehensive introductory text for initial integratively-oriented training,
• input for comparative essays and therapeutic approaches on integrative courses,
• a theory bridge between introductory and certificate/diploma level texts.

Anyone requiring a concise, understandable yet authoritative guide to the principles of integrative (rather than eclectic) counselling theory and practice based on a foundation of person-centred therapy — the preferred approach of many thousands of counsellors.

1. Person-centred integrative therapy
2. Some person-centred principles
3. Integrating new thinking in person-centred theory: configurations of the self
4. The space between people: ego-state theory
5. Embodied awareness: the mind's mirror
6. Therapy as dialogue: working with meaning in therapy
7. An integrative counselling transcript
8. Small-scale practitioner research
9. Integrating the self
Appendix – Resources for Learning

Online reviewers say:

I found this small book to be well researched and easy to read. It has provided for me, as a student counsellor, plenty of insight into what it means to be an integrated counsellor without losing track of the fundamental blocks upon which the person centred approach is built.It is written with clarity and provides a good reference base for further research and reading.
It cleary defines it's goal and explains why it is possible and very plausible to use an integrated counselling approach.

This is a cracking book for Counsellors integrating several theoretical approaches. I found it amazingly useful. It is a book that you can keep dipping into for insight and inspiration. Very Inspirational. A Must read for any integrative Counsellor.

Richard Worsley

Richard Worsley has worked for a number of years as a person-centred counsellor, supervisor and trainer. He is also an Anglican priest. He has a particular interests in process in therapy, in spirituality, in philosophy and therapy, and in therapeutic groups. Richard worked for ten years at the University of Warwick as a staff and student counsellor. In experiencing high-volume work with people with a wide range of presenting distress, he is even more convinced that people are unique, and process their experience in unique and creative ways. He has since 2013 worked as a priest in a rural benefice.

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Richard Worsley