• Family, Self and Psychotherapy: A person-centered perspective

Family, Self and Psychotherapy: A person-centered perspective

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ISBN 978 1 898059 36 3 (2001)
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Family, Self and Psychotherapy provides a comprehensive person-centered look at the family as the essential element of society and is required reading for all professionals and volunteers working with families, children and individuals. Gaylin also explores our human need to be interconnected and its implications for both individual and family therapy. The volume is informally divided into three sections. The first section deals with the centrality of the family to our species as a whole and to us as individuals. The next addresses the optimistic philosophical foundations of the person-centered approach: the tapestry of the self and its core drive towards psychological well-being. The last section -- the heart of the book -- deals with the principles and pragmatics of the person-centered approach to working with individuals and families.

•The Quality of Life and Death
•Apologia for the Family
•Marriage: Safehouse of Love and Trust
•Family: Its Development and Cultural Context
•Development of the Self
•Creativeness and a Psychology of Well-being
•Moral Aspects of Psychotherapy
•Person-centered Family Therapy
•The Psychotherapy Relationship: The Heart of the Matter
•The Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Psychotherapeutic Change in Individual and Family Therapy
•Family Therapy Process
•Reflections on the Self of the Therapist
•Ipsative Measures: In Search of Paradigmatic Change and a Science of Subjectivity

He writes about the very essence of the Person-Centred Approach with consummate ease and strolls up to what could have been a real problem with this book: can you have a Person-Centred Approach to the family? His step scarcely falters as he begins to outline one of the central themes of his book (and of all our work?) which is that our individuality is achieved/defined/made visible in our relationships and, to borrow a Natiello-ism in our ‘connections’ …  This book is like an oyster. It contains many, many pearls. Nick Baker, St Martins College, Lancaster

Ned L Gaylin

Ned L. Gaylin received his PhD from the University of Chicago Committee on Human Development with a speciality in clinical child and family psychology. He is a Professor at the University of Maryland where he currently serves as director of the Graduate Program in Marriage and Family Therapy. Ned maintains an active interest in child and family therapy with a particular emphasis on both normal and abnormal development in the family context and also is concerned with the evaluation of the process and outcome of psychotherapy — particularly family therapy.

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Ned L Gaylin