Richard Worsley

Richard Worsley

Richard Worsley has worked for a number of years as a person-centred counsellor, supervisor and trainer. He is also an Anglican priest. He has a particular interests in process in therapy, in spirituality, in philosophy and therapy, and in therapeutic groups. Richard worked for ten years at the University of Warwick as a staff and student counsellor. In experiencing high-volume work with people with a wide range of presenting distress, he is even more convinced that people are unique, and process their experience in unique and creative ways. He has since 2013 worked as a priest in a rural benefice.

Books by Richard Worsley

Person-Centred Practice: Case studies in positive psychology

  • £19.00
Follow-up volume to the best-selling, critically acclaimed Person-Centred Psychopathology,  Person-Centred Practice: Case studies in positive psychology takes forward the work of the previous volume by rooting the theory in the practice of internationally renowned practitioners and scholars. The book demonstrates that person-centred theory has real depth in its ability to address the distress of challenging client groups.  Case…

The Integrative Counselling Primer: An introduction to integrative counselling with a person-centred foundation

  • £11.00
The Counselling Primer series from PCCS Books, supplementary to the bestselling Steps in Counselling series, is suitable for both beginners and higher-level students who want a succinct boost to their knowledge of a particular area. Beginners will find the style companionable and reassuring, while more advanced readers will appreciate the incisive and authoritative writing with pointers for further reading and…