Pete Sanders

Pete Sanders

Pete Sanders spent over 30 years practising as a counsellor, educator and clinical supervisor. He has written, co-written and edited numerous books, chapters and papers on many aspects of counselling, psychotherapy and mental health. He continues to have active interest in developing person-centred theory, the politics of counselling and psychotherapy, and the demedicalisation of distress. He has given keynote addresses at several UK and European conferences and also offers workshops in a few areas that continue to interest him. He is a pre-therapy/contact work trainer and trustee of the Soteria Network UK.  Follow Pete Sanders at

Books by Pete Sanders

Person-Centred Therapy

Person-Centred Therapy Theory and Practice in the 21st Century

ISBN 978 1 906254 68 1 (2013)

The aims of this booklet are: 

  • to provide a brief introduction to person-centred therapy theory, both for beginners and for those who have a passing understanding, but might have dismissed it as out-dated, simplistic or irrelevant
  • to explain the radical nature of person-centred therapy…
The Person-Centred Counselling Primer

The Person-Centred Counselling Primer

ISBN 978 1 898059 80 6 (2006)

The Person-Centred Counselling Primer by popular author Pete Sanders is the first in the series, comprising 120 pages of essential information in Sanders’ approachable and encouraging style. This book presents an unparalleled, comprehensive description of person-centred counselling in the…