• A Straight Talking Introduction to Emotional Wellbeing: From mental illness to Mad Studies

A Straight Talking Introduction to Emotional Wellbeing: From mental illness to Mad Studies

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This book is a revised and retitled second edition of A Straight Talking Introduction to Being a Mental Health Service User (2010).

UK mental health services were in crisis when this book was first published. They are in even greater crisis now. This updated second edition offers a cohesive basis for collective change to the individualising and medicalising of ‘mental health’.

It draws on the expertise of those with experiential knowledge of the mental health system to review the past, challenge the present and explore how we might fight for a future, better way of responding to mental crisis and distress that places the service user at the centre.

Foreword to the first edition – Jan Wallcraft
Introduction to the second edition
Introduction to the first edition

  1. Setting the scene 9
  2. The psychiatric system 15
  3. The language of ‘mental health’ 26
  4. The mental health service user/survivor movement
  5. Mental health services and inequality 43
  6. Issues of identity 51
  7. From a medical to a social model 58
  8. Developing a new vision: Principles for the future 65
  9. Developing a new vision: Survivor-led approachesto support82
  10. Developing a new vision: Routes to achieving change

Postscript – A broader view and next steps

‘This book represents a mission… a move away from biomedical entrapment to a caring mental health system built on the values of liberation and humanity.’
Colin King, Black survivor research activist

‘… a compelling critique and a hopeful vision at a time of crisis in mental health.’
Dr Sarah Carr, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Service User Research Enterprise, King’s College London

‘… helpful to anybody who wants to learn more about the many facets of mental health care and treatments.’
Lucy Costa, Deputy Executive Director, The Empowerment Council

Peter Beresford

Peter Beresford OBE is a long-term user of mental health servicse and Co-Chair of Shaping our Lives, the national independent service user-controlled organisation and network. He is also Visiting Professor at the University of East Anglia. He has a longstanding involvement in issues of participation and empowerment as writer, researcher, educator, service user and campaigner. He is author of A Straight Talking Guide To Being A Mental Health Service User (2010) published by PCCS books.

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Peter Beresford