Colin Lago

Colin Lago

Colin Lago was Director of the University of Sheffield’s counselling service from 1987 to 2003 and now works as an independent counsellor/psychotherapist, trainer, supervisor and consultant. He is a Fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. He has published numerous articles, videos and books on transcultural concerns and psychotherapy. His books include Race, Culture and Counselling: The ongoing challenge; Anti-Discriminatory Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy (co-edited with Barbara Smith); The Handbook of Transcultural Counselling and Psychotherapy and The Person Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy Handbook: Origins, developments and current applications (co-edited with Divine Charura). His passions include mountain travel, biking, swing dancing and art.

Books by Colin Lago

Experiences in Relatedness:Groupwork and the person-centred approach

  • £20.00
Edited by two of the UK's principal practitioners of the Person-Centred Approach, this book is an international collection of specially commissioned papers. This is the first substantial book within the person-centred tradition on groupwork since Carl Rogers' Encounter Groups. Topics include: the history of the development of small and large groupwork within the PCA; theoretical principles of person-centred groupwork;…

Black Identities + White Therapies: Race, respect + diversity

  • £21.00
This vibrant new book springs from the continued failure of the counselling and psychotherapy profession to adequately prepare trainees to meet the needs of today’s multi-ethnic, multiracial and multicultural society. The editors, both highly experienced trainers and academics, have gathered together here a group of new and established writers who draw on personal and professional experiences to present…