• The Tribes of the Person-Centred Nation, 2nd Edition: an introduction to the schools of therapy related to the person-centred approach

The Tribes of the Person-Centred Nation, 2nd Edition: an introduction to the schools of therapy related to the person-centred approach

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This book has a mission – to gather the tribes of the person-centred nation for dialogue; to discover common ground and debate differences; to celebrate the fact that we are, as Margaret Warner declared, ‘one nation, many tribes’.

This popular, widely used set-text has been revised and considerably extended for both students and practitioners.

New to this edition are

  •  Revised contributions from Nick Baker, Mick Cooper, Campbell Purton and Richard Worsley
  •  A chapter on Emotion Focused Therapy by Prof Robert Elliott
  •  An entire section on ‘new developments’ comprising:  Person-Centred Expressive Therapies (Dinah Brown),  Pre-Therapy (Pete Sanders),  Relational Depth (Rosanne Knox), Counselling for Depression (Andy Hill)

The 2012 edition of Tribes is the first UK student text to include coverage of this comprehensive range of person-centred and experiential therapies and approaches

The Contributors

 Introduction  Pete Sanders     

Chapter 1  History of Client-Centred Therapy and the Person-Centred Approach:

                   events, dates and ideas  Pete Sanders

Chapter 2  Classical Client-Centred Therapy  Tony Merry

Chapter 3  Focusing-Oriented Therapy  Campbell Purton

Chapter 4  Experiential Person-Centred Therapy  Nick Baker

Chapter 5  Emotion-Focused Therapy Robert Elliott

Chapter 6  Existentially-informed Person-Centred Therapy  Mick Cooper

Chapter 7  Integrating with integrity  Richard Worsley

Chapter 8  New developments:       
                  Person-Centred Expressive Therapies – Dinah Brown
                  Pre-therapy – Pete Sanders
                  Relational Depth – Rosanne Knox
                  Counselling for Depression – Andy Hill

Appendix Mapping person-centred approaches to counselling and psychotherapy  Pete Sanders

No other book shows quite the range and depth of PCE psychotherapies in a single volume — a brilliant book. David Murphy, University of Nottingham

Comprehensive references and links illuminate descriptions of the many developments that continue to emerge from client-centred therapy. Kate Hayes, MBACP, Accred

Pete Sanders

Pete Sanders spent over 30 years practising as a counsellor, educator and clinical supervisor. He has written, co-written and edited numerous books, chapters and papers on many aspects of counselling, psychotherapy and mental health. He continues to have active interest in developing person-centred theory, the politics of counselling and psychotherapy, and the demedicalisation of distress. He has given keynote addresses at several UK and European conferences and also offers workshops in a few areas that continue to interest him. He is a pre-therapy/contact work trainer and trustee of the Soteria Network UK.  Follow Pete Sanders at http://twitter.com/@PeteSanders51

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Pete Sanders