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The Therapy Experience: How human kindness heals

The Therapy Experience: How human kindness heals

Roger Kingerlee

ISBN 9781898059783

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Each of us sets the psychological climate in which others live, no matter what our age, gender or cultural background. Given our tendancy to treat others and ourselves mindlessly, Kingerlee says in this part-self-help book, part-confession, part-polemic for compassion, it may be wise for us to step back — even for just a moment — to be mindful of how to lead our lives and, in particular, what we do to each other. If, as Kingerlee believes, human mindlessness is the problem, the focused practice of human mindfulness may be the cure. 


1. We Affect Each Other

2. Explaining Mindfulness

3. The Mindless Treatment of Children

4. Me and My Shaky Psyche

5. Kindness and Mindful Psychotherapy

6. Mindful Treatment of the Younger Person

7. Mindful Treatment of the Adult

8. Mindful Treatment of the Person in Later Life

9. Hope


Dr Kingerlee's book, full of understanding and open-hearted compassion, draws attention to the crucial part that mindful empathy and acceptance play in the therapeutic relationship. Read this book. Open to it. It could change your life. Michael Chaskalson, Mindfulness Instructor, Cambridge, UK.



Roger Kingerlee

Roger Kingerlee

Dr Roger Kingerlee was educated at the Universities of Oxford, Berlin, Hamburg and East Anglia, and is now a practising chartered clinical psychologist in Norfolk. He helps people address their psychological issues using cognitive analytic therapy (CAT), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), eye movement desensiitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and mindfulness meditation techniques.

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