• The Therapeutic Relationship: perspectives and themes

The Therapeutic Relationship: perspectives and themes

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ISBN 978 1 906254 04 9 (2008)
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This work explores the therapeutic relationship in the psychological therapies. It will be an important resource book for practitioners including counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, trainers and trainees and all those who work with people in therapeutic contexts. This book reviews the importance of the therapeutic relationship within the key modalities of Person-Centred, Psychodynamic, Existential, Gestalt, TA, CBT, Relational and Transpersonal approaches. The place of power and oppression and the social context of the relationship in therapy are further reviewed. Authors examine what the research really tells us about outcomes in therapy and explores the place of research for the psychological therapies. In a series of commissioned chapters significant themes are presented which enable the reader to consider their impact on therapeutic practice. These include: touch, a Japanese perspective, spirituality, I- Thou relatedness and the contribution of Buber, the creative therapies and working with groups. In this title, the reader is invited to consider their own modality, their practice and their understanding of what really works in therapy.

 1.  The Therapeutic Relationship: Background and context  Stephen Paul and Sheila Haugh

 2.  The Relationship, not the Therapy? What the research tells us  Stephen Paul and Sheila Haugh

 3.  Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy  Pam Howard

 4.  A Person-Centred Perspective  Sheila Haugh

 5.  The Existential Approach  Ernesto Spinelli

 6.  Gestalt Therapy  Toni Gilligan

 7.  Transactional Analysis: A diversity of relationships  Jane Walford and Robin Walford

 8.  Cognitive Behavioural Dimensions of the Therapeutic Relationship  Mike Thomas

 9.  The Relational Approach  Geoff Pelham

10.  Transpersonal Dimensions of the Therapeutic Relationship  John Shiers and Stephen Paul

11.  The Therapeutic Relationship: A research inquiry  Jerold D. Bozarth and Noriko Motomasa

12.  In and Out of the Mainstream: Therapy in its social and political context  Nick Totton

13.  A Japanese Perspective  Yukishige Nakata

14.  Interconnections between Privilege and Oppression  Kay McFarlane

15.  The Ground of our Relating: Martin Buber's I and Thou  Richard Worsley

16.  Spiritual Dimensions  William West

17.  Touch and the Therapeutic Relationship: Shifting a paradigm  Andrea Uphoff

18.  The Therapeutic Relationship in Creative Arts Psychotherapy  Jenny Stacey

19.  The Relationship in Group Therapy  Stephen Paul

20.  Conclusion: Is the Relationship the therapy?  Sheila Haugh and Stephen Paul



This text will be of immense value to students, lecturers and practitioners -- a valuable resource to those exploring different theoretical models in psychotherapy. The contributors provide clear expositions of their original philosophic and clinical hypotheses and how these are blended into contemporary relational practice. Colin Lago, author of The Handbook of Transcultural Counselling and Psychotherapy (OUP, 2011)

As therapy moves from psychological tool to a greater focus on the nature and quality of the relationship itself, this book sums up and critically reflects on the different views of the therapeutic relationship. It offers new perspectives that empower the practitioner and illuminate theory, based in reflective practice. This is essential reading for therapists and teachers of therapy alike. Simon Robinson, Professor of Applied and Professional Ethics, Leeds Metropolitan University

The Therapeutic Relationship: perspectives and themes

Sheila Haugh is a UK Council for Psychotherapy Registered Psychotherapist and is a BAPCA Accredited Practitioner. She is a former Convenor for the British Association for the Person-Centred Approach (BAPCA). She currently lives and works between London and Prague.

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Sheila Haugh

The Therapeutic Relationship: perspectives and themes

Stephen Paul recently retired as Director of the Centre for Psychological Therapies at Leeds Metropolitan University. He is a psychotherapist with over 30 years of practitioner experience and was previously Head of a  therapeutic school for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. He has studied extensively in the areas of counselling, psychotherapy, spirituality and coaching.  He has three published books on the therapeutic relationship.  Currently he practises part-time  as a therapist, supervisor and coach  and leads training for  staff and students  in a number of Universities.

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Stephen Paul