• The Person-Centred Approach: A passionate presence

The Person-Centred Approach: A passionate presence

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ISBN 978 1 898059 20 2 (2001)
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Peggy Natiello's collection of work, spanning over 25 years, has become a favourite amongst students on Person-Centred courses throughout the UK. In the foreword, Jules Seeman observes the work to be 'immensely personal . . .taking us to the heart of each issue that she touches.' It is also a scholarly, much referenced work on collaborative power and gender issues.

Theory and Practice
•Easy to Understand; Difficult to Practice
•It's the Being, Not the Doing

The Person-centered Relationship
•The Relationship that Heals
•For a Quality Relationship Include Equality
•An Argument for Client Self-determination

Power and the Person-Centered Approach
•Collaborative Power and Social Change
•Collaborative Power: Can it Succeed in the World of Work?

Training for Person-centered Facilitation Preparing to Practice
•A Person-centered Training Program
•From the Intern's Point of View

Large Groups and Community
•From Group to Community
•Healing the Wounds of Sexism for Men and Women

•What's Next?

Reading this book was the journey I needed. Peggy Natiello informs, illuminates and inspires with this thoughtful and clear account of what 'a way of being' really means. In an age when therapists frequently feel the pressure to add yet another technique to their tool bag, this book is fresh air and reminds us that it is the relationship and quality of being which heals and that this is unique to each encounter. For anyone seeking to understand the person-centred approach, this book will give a real insight into the rigour, discipline, courage and depth required. For those already committed, this timely book with its many examples deepens our understanding of the radical, political, yet deeply personal nature of this way of being. Not since reading my first Carl Rogers book, have I been so moved, empowered and affirmed. Jenny Biancardi

Peggy Natiello's original voice strikes the same chords of excitement, empowerment and integrity stirred in me when sitting with her and Carl Rogers in their training program some twenty years ago. On reading this book I felt intellectually aroused, supported in deep reflection on my practice and passionate about doing this work. This level of introductory clarity and theoretical intricacy is hard to find. It is a gift. Carol Wolter-Gustafson

Peggy Natiello

Peggy Natiello is a psychotherapist in private practice and an organisational consultant. She has worked with graduate students in major universities for over 20 years. With Carl Rogers and others, she founded The Indepth Training Program for the Person-Centered Approach in 1980 and continues training in a different format in Northern Arizona. The opportunity to work with Rogers periodically from 1978 until his death, revealed the profound and subtle meanings of the person-centered approach. Visit www.person-centered.com to find out more about Peggy's work. Currently, her work is focused on global issues facing us as we try to move into a creative future.


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