• Invitation to Person-Centred Psychology

Invitation to Person-Centred Psychology

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ISBN 978 1 898059 90 5 (2006)
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This book poses a number of everyday questions, such as ‘What makes us tick?’ ‘Where do my values come from?’ ‘How did I become who I am?’ and ‘Why are relationships so important?’ In his acclaimed  accessible style, Tony Merry explores each of these issues, showing how and why person-centred psychology takes an optimistic view of human nature. In the process he also provides some novel ideas to help explain why people behave the way they do. This book looks at how person-centred psychology can make a positive contribution to education, multiculturalism, power issues and living constructively with each other, as well as to counselling and psychotherapy. For psychology undergraduates, trainee and beginning nurses, teachers, support workers, counsellors and psychotherapists who want a practical exploration of person-centred psychology.

Please be aware – this book is reproduced from a scanned original document. In some cases the text appears with a few slight imperfections, but this doesn't effect the standard of legiblity. 



1. Introduction: The origins and growth of person-centred psychology
2. What makes us tick?
3. How did I become who I am?
4. If people are so constructive, why do they do such destructive things?
5. Where do my values come from?
6. How much free choice do I really have?
7. Can I love somebody, and still be myself?
8. What do I want from life?
9. Why are relationships so important?
10. How do person-centred therapists help?
11. Can person-centred values be ‘lived’ in the classroom?
12. Who will listen to the children?
13. Can schools be more caring?
14. Can school students really be trusted?
15. Can person-centred psychology work in a multicultural society?
16. Does person-centred psychology work with groups?
17. Can understanding lead to peace?
Appendix: An interview between Carl Rogers and Ms G.

‘… refreshingly comprehensive in the attention it gives to areas other than person-centred therapy and containing a wealth of illustrative material bringing to life issues within human development, the person-centred approach in education, group work and peace studies. Congratulations to Tony Merry on an important addition to the recommended book list of any person-centred training course and for reminding us that person-centred psychology is only partially about person-centred therapy.’ Dave Mearns, Person-Centred Practice

Tony Merry

Tony Merry (1948–2004) was Reader in Psychology at the University of East London and taught on postgraduate and undergraduate courses in counselling and counselling psychology. He was author of several books and articles on counselling, including Learning and Being in Person-Centred Counselling — see below. He co-founded the British Association for the Person-Centred Approach (BAPCA) in 1989 and was editor of the BAPCA journal Person-Centred Practice until his untimely death in August 2004. He contributed to workshops and other person-centred events in Europe, including several with Carl Rogers in England, Ireland and Hungary in the 1980s.

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Tony Merry