• Reichian Growth Work: Melting the blocks to life and love

Reichian Growth Work: Melting the blocks to life and love

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A revised and updated new edition of a body psychotherapy classic, Reichian Growth Work sets out to convey the essential features of Reichian therapy in concrete and easily understandable language. The style of body therapy which it describes is democratic, growth-oriented and undogmatic, while still committed to Reich’s radical description of human beings and their difficulties. ‘This book is for people who want to change; because only by changing, profoundly painful as that sometimes is, can we stay alive and growing.


Chapter 1 Contexts

Chapter 2 Energy and Armour

Chapter 3 Surrender

Chapter 4 The Segments

Chapter 5 Growing Up

Chapter 6 Character Positions

Chapter 7 More on Character

Chapter 8 Therapy

Chapter 9 Power

Chapter 10 Primal Patterns

Chapter 11 Cosmic Streaming

Chapter 12 Connections and Directions

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For everyone with a body, not just the professionals! Edmondson and Totton give a vivid account of an approach which is both compassionate and effective. Body psychotherapy lies at the conjunction of most of the main themes of contemporary psychotherapy: the key role of relationship in the psyche, enhanced understandings stemming from neuroscience and physiology, the need for as much non-regulated practitioner autonomy and freedom to dare as is consistent with responsible practice, and the realisation of how little of what we do is natural and how much irradiated by the culture in which we live. Maybe capitalism’s latest crisis will force people to re-read Reich as the relevant theorist of alternative ways to organise our world. If that thought interests you, start here … Andrew Samuels, Professor of Analytical Psychology, University of Essex

Em Edmondson

Em Edmondson is a body-orientated psychotherapist who has worked in private practise as a therapist since 1981. Past work has included co-facilitating trainings in Reichian growth work and Hakomi. Her current  group work approach is Authentic Movement. She is the mother of 2 adults.

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Em Edmondson

Nick Totton

Nick Totton has been a body psychotherapist since 1981, and an ecopsychologist since 2004. He has previously authored 11 books, including Wild Therapy (now in its second edition), Body Psychotherapy for the 21st Century and Psychotherapy and Politics, and edited several others, including Vital Signs: Psychological responses to ecological crisis (with Mary-Jayne Rust). Nick has developed trainings in two new forms of therapy – Embodied-Relational Therapy and Wild Therapy, both of which are now being continued by other trainers. He has a grown-up daughter and two grandchildren, and lives in Sheffield with his partner.

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Nick Totton