Nick Totton

Nick Totton

Nick Totton has been a body psychotherapist since 1981, and an ecopsychologist since 2004. He has authored 10 books, including Body Psychotherapy for the 21st Century and Psychotherapy and Politics, and edited several others, including Vital Signs: Psychological responses to ecological crisis (with Mary-Jayne Rust). Nick has developed trainings in two new forms of therapy, embodied-relational therapy and wild therapy, both of which are now being conducted by other trainers. He has a grown-up daughter and two grandchildren, and lives in Cornwall with his partner.

Books by Nick Totton

Not a Tame Lion: Writings on therapy in its social and political context

  • £16.00
This volume brings together 24 of Nick Totton’s articles and book chapters from the last thirteen years, all exploring in different ways the relationship between therapy, the world and society. A central argument is that therapy, if it is to be effective, cannot and should not be risk-free or risk-averse. Among the themes addressed are professionalisation and regulation; the…

Wild Therapy: Rewilding our inner and outer worlds

  • £18.00
In today’s Western, industrialised society, ‘wild’ has come to mean dangerous, savage, crazy, out of control. This book celebrates wildness, both in global ecosystems and in the human psyche. Totton argues that embracing unpredictability and boundlessness is vital for our wellbeing and, in these times of environmental crisis, for the survival of humans and other-than-humans. Drawing…

Implausible Professions: Arguments for pluralism and autonomy in psychotherapy and counselling 2nd extended edition

  • £20.00
This is a print-on-demand title. Your book will be delivered within 7 working days. The first edition of Implausible Professions, published in 1997, foretold many of the core issues around therapy ‘professionalisation’ that have come to dominate the field in recent years as the shadow of possible state regulation has loomed ever larger over the psy landscape. In the current…

Reichian Growth Work: Melting the blocks to life and love

  • £13.50
A revised and updated new edition of a body psychotherapy classic, Reichian Growth Work sets out to convey the essential features of Reichian therapy in concrete and easily understandable language. The style of body therapy which it describes is democratic, growth-oriented and undogmatic, while still committed to Reich’s radical description of human beings and their difficulties. ‘This…