• Person-Centred Practice: The BAPCA Reader

Person-Centred Practice: The BAPCA Reader

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Person-Centred Practice, the journal of the British Association for the Person-Centred Approach (BAPCA), was established in 1993 and was published twice a year. Now out of print, PCCS Books in association with BAPCA is pleased to publish this selection of over thirty papers, representing the breadth of international material published in this journal between 1993 and 1999.



Jerold Bozarth, Playing the Probabilities in Psychotherapy
David Brazier, Beyond Carl Rogers
Alan Brice, A Case Study of Therapeutic Support Using e-mail
Barbara Temener Brodley, The Therapeutic Clinical Interview -- Guidelines for Beginning Practice
Barbara Temener Brodley and Tony Merry, Guidelines for Student Participants in Person-Centred Peer Groups
Rose Cameron, The Personal is Political -- Re-reading Rogers
Pru Conradi, Dreams, the Unconscious and the Person-Centred Approach: Revisioning Practice
Alan Coulson, The Person-Centred Approach and the Reinstatement of the Unconscious
Alan Coulson, Person-Centred Process and Personal Transformation
Ivan Ellingham, Key Strategy for the Development of a Person-Centred Paradigm of Counselling/Psychotherapy
Irene Fairhurst, Rigid or Pure?
Mike Farrell, Person-Centred Approach? Working with Addictions
Sheila Haugh, Congruence: A Confusion of Language
Jan Hawkins, Survivors of Childhood Abuse -- The Person-Centred Approach: A Special Contribution
Pam Janecka, On Being There
Matt Jones, Person-Centred Theory and the Postmodern Turn
Anne Kearney, Class, Politics and the Training of Counsellors
Suzanne Keys, The Person-Centred Counsellor as an Agent of Human Rights
Mary Kilborn, The Quality of Acceptance
Mary Kilborn, Too Close for Comfort: Levels of Intimacy in the Counselling Relationship
Dave Mearns, The Dance of Psychotherapy
Tony Merry, Client-Centred Therapy: Origins and Influences
Tony Merry, Selected Editorials
Judy Moore, Who is the 'Person' in the Person-Centred Approach?
Liz Nicholls, Storymaking and Storytelling
John Pratt, The Logic and Practice of Counselling Skills
Garry Prouty, Carl Rogers and Experiential Therapies: A Dissonance?
Gary Prouty, Pre-Therapy and the Pre-Expressive Self
Ruth Reid, Person-Centred Counselling in a Primary Health Care Setting: A Personal Perspective
Keith Tudor, The Personal is Political — and the Political is Personal
Paul Wilkins, Towards a Person-Centred Understanding of Consciousness and the Unconscious
Paul Wilkins, Can Psychodrama be Person-Centred?

This splendid book should do much to embolden person-centred practitioners so that they can enter the dialogical battle ground with renewed confidence and no little pride in the tradition which they represent. The book's very existence points to a thriving professional association, a flourishing journal and a successful publishing house primarily committed to the advancement of person-centred therapy and its associated activities. This is no mean springboard for the approach at the beginning of the new millennium and we do well to remind ourselves of the strength inherent in all three accomplishments. Professor Brian Thorne, Person-Centred Practice, Vol. 8, No. 2. Autumn 2000.

Tony Merry

Tony Merry (1948–2004) was Reader in Psychology at the University of East London and taught on postgraduate and undergraduate courses in counselling and counselling psychology. He was author of several books and articles on counselling, including Learning and Being in Person-Centred Counselling — see below. He co-founded the British Association for the Person-Centred Approach (BAPCA) in 1989 and was editor of the BAPCA journal Person-Centred Practice until his untimely death in August 2004. He contributed to workshops and other person-centred events in Europe, including several with Carl Rogers in England, Ireland and Hungary in the 1980s.

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Tony Merry