• ImageWork: The complete guide to working with transformational imagery

ImageWork: The complete guide to working with transformational imagery

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The lives of our clients are the best they've been able to imagine. The ImageWork approach offers a wonderful invitation to learn to imagine better.' So writes Dr Dina Glouberman, author of the bestselling The Joy of Burnout, in this powerful new book about the theory and practice of ImageWork, with a foreword by Robin Shohet. ImageWork is the unique approach she has created and developed over 40 years that harnesses the power of the imagination to promote healing,creative achievement, transformational insight and practical wisdom. It is used by practitioners worldwide to multiply and deepen the effectiveness of their work, and to enable their clients to make creative choices and profound changes. This is a practical, comprehensive, beautifully clear and accessible handbook for practitioners, including therapists, counsellors, coaches, consultants, supervisors, spiritual directors, health professionals and every helping practitioner. It is packed with fascinating client stories, original theory, practical guidance, ImageWork exercise scripts, takeaway points, and practice sessions. Practitioners are also invited to apply ImageWork in their own lives, just as Dr Glouberman herself does every day - 'It's the best training of all.' Martin Rossman, one of the leading imagery authors in the USA, has said about ImageWork, "In my 50 years in the field, this is the best book I have read about working with imagery for healing, creativity and personal transformation. A landmark book." 

Foreword by Robin Shohet

An invitation
How to get the best out of this book,

Part One: The theory and practice of Imagework
1. The world of ImageWork
2. The power of imagery
3. The context of the Glouberman Approach
4. Creating a shared world of imagery
5. Mindfulness in the world of the imagination
6. Meaning and transformation
7. Welcoming beginners into the world of the imagination
8. Working with the image as life metaphor
9. Overcoming fear of the future
10. Moving between imagery and conversation in a one-to-one session

Part Two: The ImageWork exercises
11. Introducing the ImageWork exercises
      Scripts: Relaxation and Counting up
12. The healing imagination
      Scripts: Healing 1-12
13. The creative imagination
      Scripts: Creative 1-10
14. The transcendent imagination
      Scripts: Transcendent 1-10
15. We shall not cease from exploration

'In my 50 years in the field, this is the best book I have read about working with imagery for healing, creativity and personal transformation. What a wonderful contribution! The clear writing and brilliant organisation make the imaginative processes immediately usable by the reader. This is a landmark book that will help many people learn to use their imaginations to heal and grow. I shall be studying it!'

Martin L. Rossman, MD, author of Guided Imagery for Self-Healing and The Worry Solution, co-founder and president of the Academy for Guided Imagery

'This is an outstanding book, well-written and original in its approach to using imagery for health and personal enhancement. Having trained thousands of health professionals for decades, I feel that this book will be of significant benefit, both personally and professionally, to all those interested in the healing potential of mental imagery. I have published numerous books on the topic and have regularly taught graduate and undergraduate courses, yet I learned a good deal from reading this book and recommend it enthusiastically to others.'
Anees A. Sheikh, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, Marquette University, Founding Editor, Journal of Mental Imagery and past President of the American Association for the Study of Mental Imagery

'As it says in the book of Proverbs, the value of this volume is ‘far above rubies.’ I am, yet again, amazed by the juiciness and sharpness of what Dina Glouberman writes. For 40 years, she has developed her unique – and, by now, influential – way of working with imagery. Yes, she is interested in visualisations, but what really shines through this almost alchemical distillation and condensation of her work is a profound compassion for and interest in humanity in its individual and social aspects. The book is both a credo and something supremely practical that will inspire and assist all those engaged in therapy projects, understood in the widest sense.'

Andrew Samuels, former Chair, United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, and author 

'This is the legacy book of a renowned psychotherapist whose work I have seen transform many lives – a handbook for therapists and almost anyone who wishes to learn how to skilfully use and navigate image work in healing and the innate power images can unlock. Written in very accessible prose, this is a rare book that deserves a place on the shelf along with all the great books written by therapists of note. ImageWork is the opposite of talk therapy; it uses images that emerge from the soul. Read this book if you care to plan a future, understand your present and/or make sense of the rich images you dream and/or see from time to time in your daily life. Be warned; it breaks new ground.'

Monique Roffey, writer, lecturer, winner of the Costa Book of the Year award

'I have worked with people struggling with deep rooted conflicts and I know – from personal experience – that to make a difference in the world, we need to be able not only to imagine the world we want but also to intuit and grasp the steps to get there. With ImageWork, Dina Glouberman offers tools that everyone can use to harness the power of their imagination to do just that. This is a remarkable book by a woman whose methods have helped transform the lives of thousands of people who have attended her courses around the world. Whether you work one to one or in group settings, and whether your focus is personal or political, I feel sure you will benefit from this inspiring and practical book.'

Dr Scilla Elworthy, founder of Oxford Research Group, Peace Direct and The Business Plan for Peace, three times Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

'This book is brave, bountiful and brilliant. It is packed with activities to do, with insights about how to do it, and with the wisdom of experience in gently showing ways that we can all connect personally – and interpersonally – with our own experiences, lives and longings. And it’s brilliant because it shines like a beacon in an increasingly hard-to-navigate world. I started my life as an international author, speaker and consultant with one of Dina’s exercises in my little bedroom more than three decades ago. It has been an amazing journey,and it all started with a few moments of gentle clarity that continue to resonate down the years and around the world. ImageWork is a wonderful example of the gentle yet profound practice of helping people to connect with their overlooked experiences and know-how. I highly recommend it.'

Dr Mark McKergow, co-director of the Centre for Solutions Focus at Work (SFWork), speaker, consultant and author 

'This book is a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to work with Dr Glouberman’s unique method of ImageWork.Having had the privilege of attending a workshop with Dr Glouberman myself, I personally found her ImageWork method life-changing. One session was sufficient to shift my thinking in such a way that it has enabled me to resolve a longstanding personal issue of many years and let go of it completely.'

Judy Piatkus, author and founder of Piatkus Books and Conscious Café

'Dina Glouberman wages a constant war against the cliche. She’s not content with the platitudes of ‘transformation’ or, worse, the lazy recourse to sunny talk of ‘growth’ and ‘potential’. Instead, in this book, she takes you step by detailed step into the imaginative heart of her approach with all the skill of the veteran group facilitator. And she is that rare being – a teacher who really believes that your imagination is not a distant prospect and that the ‘imaginative’ does not belong to a select group. You have access to it, it is your birth right and legacy. The Glouberman Approach is a generous and illuminating path to recovering and enjoying it. Using the exercises Dina so carefully presents, you will experience not only stimulation and enlightenment but also the unexpected discovery of an inner resource, a resource that that will at times move you and astound. You’ve been warned.'

Edward Boyne, Director of Training at Tivoli Institute,psychotherapist and writer

Dina Glouberman

Dr Dina Glouberman, psychotherapist, coach, facilitator and world-renowned expert in transformational imagery, is the visionary co-founder and co-director of Skyros Holistic Holidays, which has pioneered community-oriented holistic health holidays since 1979. She is the author of the classic books Life Choices, Life Changes; The Joy of Burnout; You Are What You Imagine, and Into the Woods and Out Again, and co-editor, with Yannis Andricopoulos, of Skyros: Sunshine for the soul. Dr Glouberman has been a pioneer for the past 40 years in creating, teaching and practising the use of ImageWork, which harnesses the imagination that guides our lives and enables creative life choices and profound life changes. More recently, she founded and directs the Aurora Centre in southern Italy, where she offers trainings in ImageWork to therapists, counsellors, coaches, consultants and health professionals, and also facilitates ImageWork retreats. She is a course leader on the Faculty of the MA (Clinical) in Psychotherapy of the Tivoli Institute in Dublin, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Humanistic Psychology (Britain).

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