• Freedom to Practise: Person-centred approaches to supervision

Freedom to Practise: Person-centred approaches to supervision

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This book is the first to focus exclusively on person-centred supervision. The editors explore the practice of supervision in the light of person-centred philosophy and theory, review and critique the generic literature on supervision and then look at some of the issues, questions and dilemmas that arise in supervision. The contributors come from a variety of backgrounds and work in different settings. Editors and contributors share two things: a commitment to person-centred principles in their work, and a wish to extend and expand the range of person-centred practice. This book offers a model of supervision that is consistent with person-centred principles and describes some of the ways in which person-centred practitioners can converse with colleagues from other disciplines and in other areas of work.

Part One. Person-Centred Philosophy and Theory in the Practice of Supervision
Chapter 1 Person-Centred Philosophy and Theory in the Practice of Supervision Keith Tudor and Mike Worrall
Chapter 2 On Being Received: A Supervisee’s View of Being Supervised Deborah Gibson
Chapter 3 Person-Centred Perspectives on Supervision Keith Tudor and Mike Worrall
Chapter 4 Process in Supervision: A Person-Centred Critique Keith Tudor and Mike Worrall
Chapter 5 Issues, Questions, Dilemmas and Domains in Supervision Keith Tudor and Mike Worrall

Part Two. Developments and Dialogues
Chapter 6 Race, Culture and Supervision Seni Seneviratne
Chapter 7 Personal and Organisational Power: Management and Professional Supervision Joanna Valentine
Chapter 8 Focusing-Oriented Supervision Greg Madison
Chapter 9 The Use of Interpersonal Process Recall (IPR) in Person-Centred Supervision Penny Allen
Chapter 10 Shaking the Spirit: Subtle Energy Awareness in Supervision Rose Cameron
Chapter 11 Supervision as Heuristic Research Inquiry Tony Merry

Part Three. Person-Centred Supervision across Theoretical Orientations and Professions
Chapter 12 On Supervision across Theoretical Orientations Paul Hitchings
Chapter 13 Almost Nothing to Do: Supervision and the Person-Centred Approach in Homeopathy Ian Townsend
Chapter 14 A Psychiatrist’s Experience of Person-Centred Supervision Rachel Freeth

This book is a thought-provoking and engaging addition to the literature on supervision. The editors have a vast knowledge of the field and clearly and authoritatively state their philosophy of person-centred supervision. This provides the context for the subsequent chapters by different authors. These cover a wide range of issues and topics which will be of real value to all supervisors to whatever school they belong. Robin Shohet, co-author of Supervision in the Helping Professions.

I have no doubt that this volume will stimulate thought and debate on the application of the person-centred approach to supervision, and this is both timely and necessary. Richard Bryant-Jeffries, Counselling Supervisor, author and manager of NHS misuse services in Kensington & Chelsea. HCPJ April 2004.

Freedom to Practise: Person-centred approaches to supervision

Keith Tudor is Professor of Psychotherapy at Auckland University of Technology, an Honorary Senior Research Fellow of the University of Roehampton and a Fellow of The Critical Institute, with a long and varied career in the psychotherapy profession as a practitioner, teacher, supervisor and academic. He trained originally in gestalt therapy, and subsequently in transactional analysis and person-centred psychology. He is a member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, in its Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy College, and a provisional member of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists. He is also a teaching and supervising transactional analyst, accredited by the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA). In 1993, with his partner, Louise Embleton, Tudor, he co-founded Temenos, an independent training organisation, which (still) runs courses in person-centred psychotherapy and counselling, and supervision. Keith is a widely published author in the field of psychotherapy and counselling, and mental health, with over 100 peer-reviewed outputs. His books include: with others, The Person-Centred Approach: A Contemporary Introduction (Palgrave, 2004); with Mike Worrall, Freedom to Practise: Person-centred approaches to supervision (PCCS Books, 2004) and Freedom to Practise II: Developing person-centred approaches to supervision (PCCS, 2007), and Person-centred Therapy: A Clinical Philosophy (Routledge, 2006); with Tony Merry, The Dictionary of Person-Centred Psychology (PCCS Books, 2006); with Graeme Summers, Co-creative Transactional Analysis: Papers, dialogues, responses, and developments (Karnac Books, 2014); Conscience and Critic: The selected works of Keith Tudor (Routledge, 2017); Pluralism in Psychotherapy: Critical reflections from a post-regulation landscape (Resource Books, 2017).

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Keith Tudor

Freedom to Practise: Person-centred approaches to supervision

Mike Worrall read English at Oxford, worked for the Probation Service and trained in the person-centred approach at The Metanoia Institute in London. He works in independent practice in Oxford, and is an occasional trainer at Temenos in Sheffield.

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Mike Worrall