• Hypnocounseling: An eclectic bridge between Milton Erickson and Carl Rogers

Hypnocounseling: An eclectic bridge between Milton Erickson and Carl Rogers

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ISBN 978 1 898059 45 5 (2003)
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In this carefully crafted exploration of classic hypnotherapy, Hugh Gunnison has articulated the connection between the ideas and practices of Milton H. Erickson and Carl R. Rogers. This volume gently guides the reader to new understandings in a significant contribution to the work of the experienced counselor, social worker, psychologist or marriage and family therapist. Whatever their setting, practitioners are sure to find stimulating material.

Chapter 1: Rogers and Erickson •Impact on Counseling •Origin and Development of Values •Person-Centeredness •The Self as a Tool •The Importance of Caring and Respect for the Client (Positive Regard) •The Importance of Empathy •Genuineness, Communication, and Self-Hypnosis •The Use of Metaphors •On Growth, Self-Actualization and the Unconscious (Nonconscious) •Rambles at Random and Implications
Chapter 2: Theory •Carl R. Rogers and Theory •The Propositions •Milton H. Erickson: Tentative Assumptions •A Short Course in Epistemologies
Chapter 3: Mysteries from Physics •A New Oxymoron: Ordered Chaos — Complexity on the Edge of Chaos: The Story of Nonlinear Emerging Systems •Quantum Chaos: A Footnote •Quantum Mechanics: aka QM; aka Quantum Theory; aka The Copenhagen Interpretation; aka The Newer Physics •The Principle of Complementarity •The Uncertainty Principle •Choice — Free Will
Chapter 4: Hypnosis and Hypnocounseling •Hypnosis •Definitions — Hypnosis •Hypnotic Phenomena •Definitions — Hypnocounseling •Implied Directive Language (IDL): The Core of Hypnocounseling •Hypno-Suggestive Language Patterns of Hypnocounseling (IDL)
Chapter 5: Eclecticism •Definitions and Discussions •R.R. Carkhuff, et al •The Core Conditions (A Certain Type of Relationship) •The Three Phase Counseling Process
Chapter 6: Strategies •Surrogate Self — SS •Fantasy Relaxation Technique — FRT •Fantasy Door Approach — FDA •Dials, Meters and Gauges — DMG
Chapter 7: Hypnocounseling and Brief Therapy •Brief Therapy — BT •BT Assumptions •Examples of BT Questions •Creed of a Counselor •Hypnocounseling and A Surrogate Self (SS) as a Scaffolding for Brief Therapy: An Example of Mix and Match
Non Conclusion Appendices •A. A Script for FRT •B. A Script for FDA •C. 'Reaction to Gunnisons's article on the similarities and differences between Erickson and Rogers' — by Carl R. Rogers

Hugh Gunnison is a master at integrating theories and techniques and putting them into practice. His engaging writing style and practical examples make Hypnocounseling a valuable resource for counseling students and professionals. I shall be using this book in my classes.’ Jay Cerio, Associate Professor and Director, Child and Family Services Center, Alfred University NY.

Many counselors are afraid of hypnosis, mostly out of ignorance or misconceptions. Hugh Gunnison helps dispel these fears and myths and shows the respectful effective nature of hypnosis in counseling settings. Bill O’Hanlon, co-author of Solution-Oriented Hypnosis.

A thought provoking and strategically sound account of hypnocounseling that is pertinent for both students and practitioners. Arthur J. Clark, St Lawrence University.

Hugh Gunnison

Hugh Gunnison is an Emeritus Professor of Counseling at St Lawrence University. He has published numerous articles, conducted workshops and given papers in the US, UK, Canada and Europe. Currently, Hugh works with his wife Patricia in private practice in Canton, New York, using Hypnocounseling where appropriate, and training people in the use of self-hypnosis to change unwanted patterns of behaviour. He has spent the last 15 years integrating the work of Carl Rogers with that of Milton Erickson; a project that resulted in his book Hypnocounseling.

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Hugh Gunnison