• Freedom to Practise Volume II: Developing person-centred approaches to supervision

Freedom to Practise Volume II: Developing person-centred approaches to supervision

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This book is the follow-up to the acclaimed Freedom to Practise (2004) also edited by Keith Tudor and Mike Worrall. As the subtitle suggests, it develops the groundbreaking work in person-centred approaches to supervision begun by the first volume. It will be a welcome addition to the resources available to supervisors of all theoretical orientations.



Keith Tudor and Mike Worrall


Part One—Process


Chapter 1   Choosing a Supervisor  Carolin Friederike Herwig

Chapter 2   Supervision as Maieutic Process: The birthing of insight  Louise Embleton Tudor and Mike Worrall

Chapter 3   Responsibilities in Supervision Keith Tudor

Chapter 4   Using Appreciative Inquiry in Person-centred Supervision  Julie Barnes


Part Two—Traditions

Chapter 5   Person-centred Expressive Supervision Jenny Bell

Chapter 6   Student-centered Supervision for Pre-Therapy Garry Prouty and Dion Van Werde


Part Three—Form

Chapter 7   Group Supervision Keith Tudor

Chapter 8   E-mail Supervision Colin Lago and Jeannie Wright

Part Four—Debates, Developments and Domains

Chapter 9    Supervision and Training of ‘Rogers-1’ and ‘Rogers-2’ Therapists: Basic concepts and methods Marvin Frankel and Lisbeth Sommerbeck

Chapter 10  Hoops, Hurdles and Thresholds: Supervising therapists through training and qualification Geraldine Thomson

Chapter 11  Supervising a Therapist Through a Complaint Wendy Traynor

Chapter 12  Supervision as Continuing Personal Development Keith Tudor and Mike Worrall

Chapter 13  Supervision in the Dock? Supervision and the Law Peter Jenkins

Chapter 14  Supervision of Short-term Therapy Keith Tudor

Chapter 15  Person-centred Supervision Across Theoretical Orientations Mike Worrall


Part Five—Training

Chapter 16  Training Supervisors Keith Tudor and Mike Worrall

This second volume of writings on the broad theme of Person-Centred approaches to supervision both develops Keith Tudor and Mike Worrall's philosophical stance on supervision practice and introduces new perspectives from across the spectrum of Person-Centred thinking ... this companion to the first volume has provided a rich source of materials (along with its references to a vast array of related writing) stimulating debate and creative thinking about what supervision is, and can be. Although some of the arguments presented would require a deeper knowledge of Person-Centred theory to fully appreciate, much of the material and certainly the overriding philosophical stance I think would be of interest to anyone working in a supervisory or mentoring role with practitioners in the 'helping' professions. Marian Kavanagh, Senior Lecturer in Counselling, University of Cumbria in BJGC 37(2) 2009.

Keith Tudor

Keith Tudor is Professor of Psychotherapy at Auckland University of Technology, an Honorary Senior Research Fellow of the University of Roehampton and a Fellow of The Critical Institute, with a long and varied career in the psychotherapy profession as a practitioner, teacher, supervisor and academic. He trained originally in gestalt therapy, and subsequently in transactional analysis and person-centred psychology. He is a member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, in its Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy College, and a provisional member of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists. He is also a teaching and supervising transactional analyst, accredited by the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA). In 1993, with his partner, Louise Embleton, Tudor, he co-founded Temenos, an independent training organisation, which (still) runs courses in person-centred psychotherapy and counselling, and supervision. Keith is a widely published author in the field of psychotherapy and counselling, and mental health, with over 100 peer-reviewed outputs. His books include: with others, The Person-Centred Approach: A Contemporary Introduction (Palgrave, 2004); with Mike Worrall, Freedom to Practise: Person-centred approaches to supervision (PCCS Books, 2004) and Freedom to Practise II: Developing person-centred approaches to supervision (PCCS, 2007), and Person-centred Therapy: A Clinical Philosophy (Routledge, 2006); with Tony Merry, The Dictionary of Person-Centred Psychology (PCCS Books, 2006); with Graeme Summers, Co-creative Transactional Analysis: Papers, dialogues, responses, and developments (Karnac Books, 2014); Conscience and Critic: The selected works of Keith Tudor (Routledge, 2017); Pluralism in Psychotherapy: Critical reflections from a post-regulation landscape (Resource Books, 2017).

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Keith Tudor

Mike Worrall

Mike Worrall read English at Oxford, worked for the Probation Service and trained in the person-centred approach at The Metanoia Institute in London. He works in independent practice in Oxford, and is an occasional trainer at Temenos in Sheffield.

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Mike Worrall