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Real to Reel: Psychiatry at the cinema

Real to Reel: Psychiatry at the cinema

ISBN 978 1 906254 42 1 (2011)

The cinema has an important presence in modern life, not just for its contributions to entertainment and the economy but also because of what it tells us about ourselves and our societies. Psychiatry’s appearance on the big screen reflects psychiatric practice at the same time as shaping our…
Living with the Gloria Films: A daughter’s memory

Living with the Gloria Films: A daughter's memory

ISBN 978 1 906254 02 5 (2008)

In 1964 Dr Everett Shostrom, a psychologist from California, produced a series of educational films titled ‘Three Approaches to Psychotherapy’, therein filming complete psychotherapy sessions for the very first time. Three celebrated therapists demonstrated their models on a willing client called Gloria. Dr Shostrom had asked Gloria to be…
The Hope of Therapy

The Hope of Therapy

ISBN 978 1 906254 11 7 (2009)

Therapy is inherently an ethical endeavour, both in the sense that the therapist is called upon to be responsible to and for the other who seeks help, and in the sense that it is inevitably bound up with ideas about how we should live and how we should treat one…
Agnes’s Jacket: A psychologist’s search for the meanings of madness

Agnes's Jacket: A psychologist's search for the meanings of madness

ISBN 978 1 906254 45 2 (2012)

Only available to customers in the UK. In a Victorian-era German asylum, seamstress Agnes Richter painstakingly stitched a mysterious autobiographical text into every inch of the jacket she created from her institutional uniform. Despite every attempt to silence them, hundreds of other patients have managed to get their stories out,…
Demystifying Therapy

Demystifying Therapy

ISBN 978 1 898059 89 9 (2006)

During the last decade, as public awareness of the role of therapy has increased, so too has criticism of specific approaches to therapeutic practice. In this book, Dr Spinelli examines the assumptions of his profession. He argues that in seeking to cure, heal, educate, free and change the client, in…
Fiction’s Madness

Fiction's Madness

ISBN 978 1 906254 23 0 (2009)

Fiction can be a powerful adjunct to mental health education and practice, its capacity to clarify and enlighten aspects of the field beyond doubt. With a rare gift for making the scholarly accessible, Liam Clarke presents an original interpretation of mental health issues based on some of the greatest works…
Sacred Science: Person-centred inquiry into the spiritual and the subtle

Sacred Science: Person-centred inquiry into the spiritual and the subtle

ISBN 978 1 898059 21 9 (1998)

This cutting-edge book breaks new ground in transpersonal psychology. It argues for a people-based, person-centred religion which holds that spiritual authority is within each individual. Topics covered include:     The emergence of a self-generating spiritual culture of independent pathfinders.     An affirmation of the person as…
The Life and Work of Carl Rogers

The Life and Work of Carl Rogers (Cloth bound with dust jacket)

ISBN 978 1 898 059 98 1 (2007)

We are unable to supply this book to customers in the US. A US edition is available. Twenty years after his death, PCCS Books celebrates the life and work of Carl Rogers with the long-awaited second edition of the much-acclaimed biography by Howard Kirschenbaum, On Becoming Carl Rogers. This completely…
Our Encounters with Madness

Our Encounters with Madness

ISBN 978 1 906254 38 4 (2011)

A collection of user, carer and survivor narratives, this book is grouped under five themes: On diagnosis; Stories of experience (of mental health problems); Experiencing the mental health system; On being a carer and Abuse and Survival. The book should be of great benefit to students of mental health, narrative…