Questioning Psychology

Questioning Psychology: beyond theory and control

ISBN 9781910919484 - Available 8th Aug, 2019

What gets in the way of our understanding other people? So asks psychologist Brian Levitt in this challenging and reflective book questioning much that is taken for granted in his profession. Levitt argues that we must keep questioning our training and beliefs if we…

Psychogeography and Psychotherapy

Psychogeography and Psychotherapy: connecting pathways

ISBN 9781910919477 - Publication date, 4th July 2019

‘Identity is tied to place. The environment is not the backdrop; it is woven through our identity.’ So writes Chris Rose in her introduction to this insightful collection on the mutually enriching relationship between psychogeography and psychotherapy. The book…

The Work Cure

The Work Cure: critical essays on work and wellness

ISBN 9781910919439

This provocative collection of essays presents a powerful critique of contemporary discourse that portrays work – paid employment – as a moral imperative, essential for our health and well-being.

The contributors describe the mental health impact of modern-day…