• Clinical Supervision Made Easy: a creative and relational approach for the helping professions

Clinical Supervision Made Easy: a creative and relational approach for the helping professions

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Clinical Supervision Made Easy is a practical book for supervisors and supervisees that offers the 3–Step Method as a guide to effective supervision. This method is not linked to any particular theoretical orientation or philosophy, so it can be applied in any helping context irrespective of the profession of the worker.  The three steps are:  1. What does the supervisee need from this session? 2. How can this be brought about? 3. What has been learnt and what needs to happen next?  The book is written in a relational, experience-near and conversational style with many helpful examples, suggestions and techniques, based on the author's considerable experience of giving, receiving and teaching supervision. This second edition has been extensively revised and updated, and includes a new chapter on how to use creativity in supervision.

1. Models of supervision

2. Three steps to starting supervision

3. Introducing the 3–Step method

4. Beginning supervision – Working with the ‘What’ section

5. Step 2 – Reflecting in supervision. Working with the ‘How’ section

6. Working with the non-rational in the ‘How’ section

7. Step 3 – Moving forward in supervision. Working with the ‘What Now?’ of supervision

8. Applying the 3Step method to group supervision

9. Creative reflection

10. Relational ethics

11. Supervision an organisations Conclusion Afterword References

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As the author herself points out, the title of this book slightly misrepresents its content. Van Oijen’s intention is not to imply that supervision is a simplistic activity but to help practitioners feel more ‘at ease’ with the process. The book is principally aimed at supervisors new to the role and the author adopts an interactive style that is accessible and practical… Ideas and strategies are clearly explained and those new to supervision will value a text that demystifies the process and gives practical examples of the benefits that supervision can bring to teams and individuals. Val Wosket, senior accredited counsellor, psychotherapist and supervisor. Therapy Today, April 2014

This is a humane and generous book, which manages to make supervision seem a clear and accessible process, without ever talking down to the reader.  The text is enlivened by anecdotes and examples so that it never feels dry. The 3-step method, developed by the author from her own experience of supervision, will be very useful to students and practitioners alike, as it provides a framework for making sense of several established models of supervision whilst also offering its own clear route through the complexities of the process.  I particularly like the chapters on creative supervision and ethical decision-making, because they are so full of ideas and useful suggestions.  For me this is one of the best new books on supervision and I will certainly recommend it to my students. Helen Weston, co-director of Relationships Scotland's Diploma in Casework Supervision, Edinburgh.

The author succeeds in her aim of presenting a clear, easy to remember, flexible and adaptable framework for all aspects of supervision that can be used in a wide variety of professional settings and reading this book energised me. Rosey Dansey, senior accredited counsellor and supervisor in private practice. Private Practice, Summer 2014

Els van Ooijen

Dr Els van Ooijen has a private psychotherapy, counselling and supervision practice in Bristol and co-teaches a Diploma/MA in Consultative Supervision at the University of South Wales. Her website is: http://www.nepenthe.org.uk

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