Inside Adoption

Inside Adoption: a parent's story

ISBN 9781910919378

Adoption has changed hugely in the past few decades. These days, most children placed with adoptive families are not babies; by the time they meet their new parents they may have been exposed to a range of traumatic experience - in utero, within their birth families…

Why Not CBT? Against and For CBT Revisited

Why Not CBT? Against and For CBT Revisited

ISBN 9781 9 10919 34 7

This comprehensively revised and updated second edition of the 2008 classic Against and for CBT has lost none of its passion or power. Those ‘against’ argue that CBT has been used by governments and health provider organisations to transform therapy into, at best, a…

Psychotherapy: a critical examination

Psychotherapy: a critical examination

ISBN 978 1 906254 61 2

In this, the latest addition to the PCCS Books Critical Examination series, internationally acknowledged academic and psychotherapist, teacher and supervisor Keith Tudor focuses his spotlight on psychotherapy.

The aim of the series is to subject the varied psy…


Our Encounters with Stalking

ISBN 9781910919248

Part of the PCCS Books ‘Our Encounters With...’ Series, this is a powerful testimony of the destructive, sometimes fatal, effects of stalking on its victims. 

With a foreword by the bestselling author Peter James, author of the Roy Grace series, himself a victim of…