Compassionate Mental Health - Changing the Script

Compassionate Mental Health - Changing the Script
  • When: Monday, 11th November 2019, 9:00 am
  • Where: Hereford Left Bank, Hereford, UK

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Compassionate Mental Health is part of a growing worldwide movement calling for a more integrative approach to mental health – one that relies less on diagnosis and prescription drugs, and more on empowering the person and engaging their social networks. At the heart of the project is a belief that it is possible to begin to heal oneself and others through the power of community, connection, self care and solidarity.

Our key message remains that a mental health crisis can become a meaningful turning point and catalyst for change. We believe a culture of compassion and collaboration must replace our existing model of over medicalisation, coercion and restraint.

Along with many other critical voices – we are calling for a radical shift in the way we understand mental illness, changing the script, challenging stigma and raising expectations. This is a gathering and unconference, but there are key learning outcomes associated with service transformation, moving towards a more co-productive, psychosocial approach.

All our speakers and facilitators believe that with the right support recovery can happen and a mental health crisis can be a transformative process.  Our next one day gathering is Surviving Uncertainty: Cultivating Change. We are living in uncertain times, but they are also times of possibility when we have the power to shape the future.

What it isn’t..
This isn’t an anti-psychiatry event, or one that proposes a right way to recovery, self management or service improvement. But – along with many other critical voices – we are calling for a radical shift in the way people understand and approach mental health issues.

Our goal is to be part of the global call for better, safer mental health services for all. We hope to do this by building bridges and growing understanding that people in crisis need more than just medicine. Feeling connected, finding meaning in crisis, and sharing tools for stability are all vital for a whole person approach.

There needs to be better funding for mental health services in all settings, and there will be opportunities during the day to share ideas for the future.  Our hope is that we can all move forward together into a more collaborative, compassionate chapter.