Celebrating the World of the Person-Centred Therapies - Book Launch

Celebrating the World of the Person-Centred Therapies - Book Launch

When: Wednesday, 22nd May 2024, 7:00 pm

Where: ONLINE with Onlinevents

Ticket price: Free

Celebrating the World of the Person-Centred Therapies!

Join us online to celebrate the launch of The Tribes of a Person-Centred Nation (3rd ed), Edited by Mick Cooper and Published by PCCS Books

The event will begin with a short reflection on Pete Sanders, the previous editor, followed by a roundtable where Mick Cooper and the chapter authors will speak about their 'tribe'. The evening will finish with a short discussion and Q&A.

About the book

This classic text, now in its third edition, is essential reading for those training and embarking on a career in counselling. From its origins in the work and research of Carl Rogers in the 1960s to today’s world where myriad forms of counselling are on offer, the person-centred approach has resonated with the hearts, minds and experience of those looking to train as a counsellor. But it has not stood still, and in this book you will find descriptions of some of the many seedlings that have flourished from its root stock, fed by its core principles. The book’s title speaks of tribes, and person-centred approaches inspire a fidelity and sense of identity. From classical client-centred therapy and focusing through to pluralism and creative play therapy with children and adults, this book maps a vibrant nation that continues to have much to offer counsellors and their clients. Leading proponents in their fields offer succinct and inspiring summaries of the roots, theories, principles, practice and research of their specialist approach, supported with suggestions for further reading and resources.

Contents of the book


1 Carl Rogers and person-centred therapy: a historical overview - Pete Sanders and Sheila Haugh

2 Classical person-centred therapy - Tony Merry and Sheila Haugh

3 The relational approach to person-centred therapy - Gina Di Malta, Mick Cooper, Rosanne Knox and Steve Cox

4 Focusing-oriented therapy - Campbell Purton

5 Emotion-focused therapy - Robert Elliott

6 Person-centred experiential counselling for depression - Richard Doyle and David Murphy

7 Motivational interviewing - William R. Miller

8 Existentially informed person-centred therapy - Siebrecht Vanhooren and Mick Cooper

9 Pluralistic person-centred therapy - Nicola Blunden

10 Person-centred creative arts therapies - Ani de la Prida

11 Pre-therapy and contact work - Dion Van Werde and Pete Sanders

12 Child-Centred Play Therapy - Dee C. Ray