• When: Wednesday, 18th July 2018, 9:00 am
  • Where: Devonshire Hall Leeds UK
  • Ticket price:

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This is a conference for people interested in the development of the person centred approach, founded by Carl Rogers in the 1940's. 18th - 22nd July 2018

The theme is 'Pride and Prejudice'.

We invite participants to register for the whole conference or just a day, by completing a booking form and then offer a workshop if you are interested in exploring any particular subject with a group of interested others. The pre conference event is a facilitated workshop and the main conference will be organised by the community. CPD certificates are available to attendees of any or part of the whole event.

We invite participants to offer workshops in advance and we will post these offers on the website (name, title, description under 20 words) along with the days of attendance of the workshop facilitator. If you have particular requests for attendance of certain workshops on certain days, let us know and we will pass on requests to workshop leaders. They will then take these requests into consideration when the conference begins and the community decides what will happen when (the democratic community process).


Wednesday 18th July: Pre-conference event. - A day prior to the conference will be a facilitated workshop organised in advance and participants can attend this event without staying for the rest of the conference. The theme of the pre-conference is ‘Somewhere under the rainbow’.

Liddy Carver: Grappling with cultural difference in counselling training: Fear, safety and shared concerns. Attending Fri 20th and Sat 21st July.

Rather than seeing multicultural difficulties as isolated incidents, the 'training alliance' provides an inclusive construct that supports multicultural counselling competencies. We will explore: our own cultural competence; and our capacity to build a culturally sensitive ‘training alliance’. Small groups will critically reflect on four key examples, before a larger group discussion.

Steve Paul: Is therapy Love in another form?

A short presentation on what heals in therapy  followed by an exploration of the place of love and loving. Attending whole conference.

Barbara Jukes: Retro fit

Join me for a blast from the past, to work your body as well as your mind. 80’s-style aerobics workout. Fun more than fit. All levels welcome. Attending whole conference.

India Amos: HIV related stigma: a discussion. Attending Sat 21st July

Stigma associated with HIV is considered a major stressor for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). The potential for positive outcomes, referred to as posttraumatic growth (PTG) and providing effective services may be inhibited by experiencing an HIV diagnosis in a potentially traumatic way due to stigma.