Steven Coles

Steven Coles

Steven Coles is a Clinical Psychologist in adult mental health services in Nottingham. He is questioning of how power is used and misused within mental health services and society. The stories recounted to him of fear, misery and madness has helped him to understand the social and material nature of these experiences; as well as how current cultural values and morality shape the responses of society and mental health services. Steven attempts to bring issues of power, the social – material world and ethics to the forefront of his role, including publications, debates, conferences, as well as sharing and reflecting on ideas with staff, people within services and those outside the organisation.

Books by Steven Coles

Madness Contested

Madness Contested: power and practice

ISBN 978 1 906254 43 8 (2013)

Contributors include Peter Beresford, Mary Boyle, John Cromby, Jacqui Dillon, Dave Harper, Eleanor Longden, Midlands Psychology group, Joanna Moncrieff, David Pilgrim, Phil Thomas and Jan Wallcraft.

This book contests how both society and Mental Health Services conceptualise and respond to…