Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor is co-founder and Director of Veritas-Justice, an independent stalking advocacy service. In 2011 Sam gave evidence and was instrumental in the stalking law reform campaign, having experienced four years of stalking by her former partner. This landmark campaign led, on 25 November 2012, to stalking becoming a criminal offence in England and Wales. Sam is an accredited independent stalking advocate and a lecturer/trainer, developing and delivering sessions on stalking to multi-agency professionals. She has a Masters in creative writing and personal development and runs ‘Writing for Recovery’ courses for people who have been affected by stalking and mental health problems.

Books by Sam Taylor

Our Encounters with Stalking

  • £19.00
Part of the PCCS Books ‘Our Encounters With...’ Series, this is a powerful testimony of the destructive, sometimes fatal, effects of stalking on its victims.  With a foreword by the bestselling author Peter James, author of the Roy Grace series, himself a victim of stalking, the book foregrounds the experiences of those who have been (and are…