Rachel Cooke

Rachel Jane Cooke (she/they) is a queer, integrative psychotherapist, supervisor and educator from Ireland, in practice since 2009. She is based in London, runs an online therapy platform (p-therapy.com), consults to charities and social enterprises, and has a long-standing weekly radio segment on sex and relationships, where she often discusses identity, privilege and oppression. She regularly speaks on podcasts and hosts talks and workshops for the public, for therapists and for organisations on topics such as intersectionality, trauma, attachment, health and wellness under neoliberalism, embodiment, feminist therapy and gender, sexuality and relationship diversity. Rachel is passionate about training therapists committed to social justice, particularly through embodied and relational practice. You can read more about her work at racheljanecooke.com

Books by Rachel Cooke

Therapists challenging racism and oppression: The unheard voices

  • £20.25
This is a book about racism and its intersections with other forms of oppression within the talking therapies, told from the therapist’s perspective. Inside are powerful, first-person accounts of the often traumatising silencing of counsellors of colour within, and by, their own profession. These are searingly honest and rarely detailed stories of practitioners being shamed, excluded, violated, rendered…