The Midlands Psychology Group

John Cromby is Professor of Psychology at Leicester University UK. His research explores the way in which bodies and social influences interact, focusing particularly on mental health, emotion and feeling. He has published more than 70 academic journal articles, and authored, co-authored or edited academic books including Psychology, Mental Health and Distress (2013); Feeling Bodies: Embodying psychology (2015) and The Handbook of Biology and Society (2018). He is a contributing author to the Power Threat Meaning Framework, published by the British Psychological Society’s Division of Clinical Psychology in 2018.

Bob Diamond is a clinical psychologist with Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust. Drawing from critical and community psychology perspectives, he has published numerous articles on developing more personal and meaningful services. He has also published several chapters on the importance of a questioning psychology (Being Human, PCCS Books, 2008). He co-edited Madness Contested: Power and practice (PCCS Books, 2013). As a member of the Midlands Psychology Group, he has contributed to various articles and special editions.

Paul Kelly works in the Student Counselling Service at University College Dublin.  He trained as a clinical psychologist in Birmingham, and was involved in setting up the West Midlands Community and Critical Psychology Interest Group and the Midlands Psychology Group. He was also active in the Irish Mental Health Forum.

Paul Moloney is a counselling psychologist based in the Shropshire and Telford NHS Adult Learning Disabilities Team. He has worked in the fields of mental health social and community work and addictions counselling, and has taught for the Open University. He is a founder member of the Midlands Psychology Group, and his publications include The Therapy Industry (Pluto Press, 2013)

Penny Priest started her working life as a teacher in East London. She first became interested in critical psychology during her own experience of being seen by a clinical psychologist, who mentioned the work of David Smail. During her training as a clinical psychologist at Birmingham University, she made contact with David. He introduced her to the West Midlands Critical and Community Psychology Group, which eventually spawned the Midlands Psychology Group.

Books by The Midlands Psychology Group

Outsight: Psychology, politics and social justice

  • £20.00
If psychology is seriously to address the despair and anguish that increasingly afflict us all, it needs to develop 'outsight'. It needs to stop looking inside the head of each troubled individual that seeks its help and turn its gaze outwards. The causes of distress are not to be found in faulty or dysfunctional brains, but in the often toxic…