Marlis Pörtner

Marlis Pörtner

Marlis Pörtner, worked in theatre and as an editor and translator, before becoming a psychotherapist. After the 'family years' she studied psychology and has worked for 20 years as a psychotherapist in her own practice. She has always had in her client caseload some people with special needs. She also works as a consultant and supervisor for several social services and is often invited by communities and homes to do workshops for the staff to introduce the concept of 'Trust and Understanding'. She has published a number of books, originally in German, that have been translated into several languages, and numerous articles for professional journals. She was married for more than 20 years, has a daughter and a son, both adult, and two grandsons.

Books by Marlis Pörtner

Being Old is Different: Person-centred care for old people

  • £12.00
Given the current disquiet about the standards of care for our elderly citizens this is a very timely contribution to the debate. Marlis Pörtner’s book is not about specific nursing or therapy methods but about fundamental principles, which are vital in many areas of care. The term ‘carer’, therefore, is used here for all…

Trust and Understanding: The person-centred approach to everyday care for people with special need Second Edition

  • £15.00
Updated and revised second edition In this second edition of Trust and Understanding the basic principles of the Person-Centred Approach are described for those who care for, and work with, people in need of care in large and small homes, institutions and schools. Guidelines for this 'new-to-some' way of working are introduced clearly and practically, using many real examples, with…

Pre-Therapy: Reaching contact-impaired clients

  • £18.00
This book presents the most complete and up-to-date formulation of Pre-Therapy philosophy, theory and practice. Previously only available in German, this important work has been updated and translated. It has been virtually impossible to get hold of any substantial writing on Pre-Therapy in the UK and this book rectifies the situation. Applications of the method with the most difficult client-groups …