Helen Kewell

Helen Kewell

Helen Kewell qualified as a humanistic counsellor in 2015, having spent most of her career as a management consultant. Her new career path was as necessary as it was dramatic, having experienced loss and chronic illness during the preceding years. During her training, Helen became profoundly influenced by existential and experiential approaches to therapy and, almost inadvertently, became fascinated and inspired by working with older adults. She considers this area of psychotherapeutic work to be underrepresented in literature and under-resourced and hopes to continue to promote a wider dialogue on it and prompt others to do the same. She runs her own private counselling practice in Sussex and continues to volunteer as a counsellor and supervisor for Cruse Bereavement Care.

Books by Helen Kewell

Living Well and Dying Well

Living Well and Dying Well: tales of counselling older people

ISBN 9781910919415

Older people rarely feature in counselling literature, and the very old barely at all. Helen Kewell seeks to address this often overlooked topic with a vibrant collection of resonant case studies describing her encounters with some of the old and very old clients with whom she has worked as a…