Harry Gijbels

Harry Gijbels

Harry Gijbels is a retired mental health nurse and academic with over 40 years of experience in challenging mental health practices and education. He continues to be actively engaged in this work, for example with the Hearing Voices Network Ireland.

Harry, along with his fellow editor Lydia Sapouna, played a key role in the establishment of the Critical Voices Network Ireland and are co-organisers of the annual Critical Perspectives in Mental Health conference at University College Cork.

Books by Harry Gijbels

Inside Out, Outside In: transforming mental health practices

  • £20.50
Human distress has historically been understood and responded to almost exclusively either as a biological disorder or a psychological deficit. This has led to the development of powerful structures, ‘mental health systems’, that have dominated thinking and practice around mental health and been controlled by the psychiatric profession.  Despite widespread recognition that such systems are often ineffective…