Beryl Malcolm

Beryl Malcolm works in a Child/Adolescent Mental Health Team, as well as  supervising trainee play therapists. Her background and training are in teaching, counselling and Play Therapy. She is particularly interested in ethnicity issues in cousnelling/psychotherapy, and her MA research focused on race and culture in child therapy. She has worked in various settings in the voluntary and statutory sectors. She grew up in London but now lives in the the North of England.

Books by Beryl Malcolm

Politicizing the Person-Centred Approach: An agenda for social change

  • £21.99
An international collection of papers offers critical analysis of the person-centred approach and its position on difference and diversity; class; culture and racism; sexuality; power and gender issues. Other contributions present a range of work including theory development; social change as a necessary and sufficient conditon for therapeutic personality growth; emotional literacy; work with refugees and asylum seekers; peace groups…