• Wild Therapy: Undomesticating inner and outer worlds

Wild Therapy: Undomesticating inner and outer worlds

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Therapy is by nature wild; but a lot of it at the moment is rather tame. This book tries to shift the balance back towards wildness, by connecting therapy with ecological thinking, seeing each species, each being, and each person inherently and profoundly linked to each other. Therapists have always tried to help people tolerate the anxiety of not being in control of our feelings, our thoughts, our body, our future. Human efforts to control the world are well on the way to wrecking it through environmental collapse: the more we try to control things, the further out of balance we push them. Nick Totton describes a mode of being present in all cultures, ‘Wild Mind’, and explores how this can be supported through a ‘wild therapy’, bringing together a wide range of already-existing ideas and practices, which may have a role to play in creating a new culture that can live well on the earth without damaging ourselves and other beings.



Chapter 1    Wild Roots

Chapter 2    Wild Complexity

Chapter 3    In and Out of the Wilderness

Chapter 4    Wild Mind

Chapter 5    Domesticating Wild Mind

Chapter 6    Wildness Under Control

Chapter 7    Wild/Human

Chapter 8    Wild Therapies

Chapter 9    Wild Therapy

Chapter 10   Living Wild



Nick Totton’s ‘Wild Therapy’ is a call from nature to rediscover the earth and relationship to the universe. Totton’s ‘wildness’ is a breath of fresh air, freeing therapies and cultures to live closer to the Tao. Read, dream, and be moved by his book! Arnold Mindell, author of “Processmind”

… Totton's writing provides us with the creative thinking required to infuse life back into therapeutic processes and redirect them to a more radical role within the world. It inspires passion, invites debate and above all, offers a willingness to walk to the edge of therapeutic orthodoxy, and beyond. This book is a firm wakeup call from the narcotic effects of over-domestication for the human race and therapy in particular. Here is an important accomplishment to help us think about where we've come from and where we desperately need to go next. In this sense alone this is a book to be recommended to all practitioners. Hayley Marshall reviewed in The Transactional Analyst, Autumn 2012.

Nick Totton

Nick Totton has been a body psychotherapist since 1981, and an ecopsychologist since 2004. He has authored 10 books, including Body Psychotherapy for the 21st Century and Psychotherapy and Politics, and edited several others, including Vital Signs: Psychological responses to ecological crisis (with Mary-Jayne Rust). Nick has developed trainings in two new forms of therapy, embodied-relational therapy and wild therapy, both of which are now being conducted by other trainers. He has a grown-up daughter and two grandchildren, and lives in Cornwall with his partner.

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Nick Totton