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The Person-Centered Approach in Japan: Blending a western approach with Japanese culture

The Person-Centered Approach in Japan: Blending a western approach with Japanese culture

Makiko Mikuni (ed)

ISBN 978 1 906254 40 7 (2015)

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Edited by Makiko Mikuni, The Person-Centered Approach in Japan discusses the history and development of the person-centred approach within Japanese counselling culture over the last 65 years. This transcultural counselling study introduces us to a range of settings including working with children and students, aspects of focusing theory and practice, qualitative research and facilitator training for encounter groups. 

This book provides a snapshot and fascinating cross-cultural insight into the history and current practice of the person-centered approach in a culture clearly very different from the one in which it was conceived. Is this a story of American psychological imperialism or the flowering of a meeting of cultures? The reader can decide for themselves.

Hideaki Fukumori, MA; Akira Ikemi, PhD;  Yasuyuki Kira, PhD; Makiko Mikuni, PhD; Tomonori Motoyama, MA; Koji Nagano, MEd; Yukishige Nakata, PhD; Kazuhiko Nojima, PhD; Masayoshi Sakanaka, PhD; Yasuhiro Suetake, PhD; Ryuichi Tamura, MA.

Makiko Mikuni (ed)

The PCA in Japan

Makiko Mikuni completed her training as a person-centred counsellor at University of East Anglia, UK, with Professor Brian Thorne. Since moving back to Japan in 2000 she has worked as a counsellor and as a lecturer. Currently she is an associate professor at Kyushu Industrial University, Japan, teaching counselling and clinical psychology.

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