• Take These Broken Wings: Recovery from schizophrenia without medication

Take These Broken Wings: Recovery from schizophrenia without medication

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An uplifting and optimistic film by Daniel Mackler, Take These Broken Wings takes the viewer on a journey into the process of full recovery from schizophrenia without medication, challenging the conventional notion of schizophrenia as a lifelong, incurable disorder and chemical imbalance treatable only with neuroleptic drugs.

The feature documentary chronicles the recovery story of bestselling author Joanne Greenberg, whose fictionalised memoir I Never promised You a Rose Garden rocked the mental health world. The film also features the psychotherapy and recovery of Catherine Penney, who was hospitalised for years with delusions, hallucinations and bizarre behaviour. Their accounts are interwoven with interviews from internationally renowned experts in the field of schizophrenia recovery, including Peter Breggin, MD (author of Toxic Psychiatry) Robert Whitaker (author of Mad in America) and Bertram Karon (author of Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia: Treatment of choice).

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Bonus Features

In addition to the running time of the film (75 minutes):

• Interview with the film's director, psychotherapist Daniel Mackler

• Twenty additional minutes of interview footage about schizophrenia

• Two original music videos on the dangers of psychiatric drugs: Little Bottles and Glory Medication

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